The New Year has finally arrived — a fresh start on everything. Along with the active use of technology, there are some bad tech habits that are simply challenging enough to break. But just because those habits have become a regular part of your daily routine doesn’t mean that they can’t be unchanged. So don’t look anywhere else, because here are some bad tech habits you should start breaking this 2015.

1. Using the same password for multiple sites

If you’re doing this practice for quite a while, then you’re in for trouble in case any one of those sites is hacked. Why? Your information collected by the hacker can be used against you in many different places. Sure it is somehow inconvenient to have multiple passwords, especially if you are relying only on your memory. Therefore it is a good idea to use a password manager to manage all your passwords for different sites. Password managers can store usernames and passwords, generate new passwords, and are accessible online.

2. Not backing up your photos

Imagine the possibility of losing hundreds of photos of your precious life events just because you don’t back them up. These times, this case shouldn’t be a problem anymore. If you’re using your phone as your primary camera (like it is for many), do yourself a favor and download an app that will automatically back up your photos and videos straight to the cloud.

There are also other options you can consider when it comes to back up tasks. If you like Google, you can use either Google+ on iOS or the Photos app on Android to set up auto backup. Dropbox also provides the same functionality if you enable the camera upload option.

3. Ignoring your Facebook settings

It’s very elementary to visit Facebook, check what your friends and colleagues are currently up to, and post your own status updates. However, do you still remember the last time when you reviewed your Facebook settings as to how your friends can see the contents that you post? Diving into your Facebook settings can be a real challenge and time consuming, but believe me doing this is definitely time well-spent.

4. Running flash all the time

We all love to stream online videos on our computers, however, Flash can sometimes cause your computer fans to work overtime just to cool down your PC. To relieve your computer from too much stress, it’s better to give up having Flash running all the time. There are other plugins such as FlashControl (for Chrome) and FlashBlock (for Firefox) that enables you to control the Flash content of a webpage. These plugins will not load the Flash content of a page unless you put a site on a whitelist or if you click the Flash item to load it. Turning off Flash on a number of sites will give a big improvement when it comes to saving battery on your computer or mobile device.


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  1. Carol Wilson says:

    I run Internet Explorer most of the time. Is there a way to turn off Flash with IE? How do I turn off Flash on web sites?

    • Apple says:

      Go to the IE Settings and look for “Manage add-ons”, once there, tap “All add-ons”, and then select all the add-on you want to disable.

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