Tech support stories are like bad airline stories and they range from bad to worse. Call wait times, cryptic phone trees, and confusing operator instructions are all part of the scenarios.

There is no doubt that quality tech support keeps businesses running smooth and productive by keeping its technology continuously running. That is the key to excellent technical support service: Keep your client’s technology working.

The good and quality technical support company is passionate about creating real working relationships with their clients. People who are names and faces, not afterthoughts on an accounting spreadsheet or just another company name of a client. When they call a support number, they should be treated with respect and concern.

Why should a business owner or a company work with a distant and impersonal support system for their server, computer, or network?

The Cost

Of course it’s the cost because that’s what keeps any business running. Reality check: It’s a down economy, and times are tough. You need to understand even more that all tech support services are run just like other normal businesses. They face the very same challenges: payroll, insurance, building costs and maintenance, even technology needs. Good and honest technical support companies understand that when they do a good job, their client’s productivity improves and so will they. It’s the simple law of give and take, a symbiotic relationship.

Therefore, outsourcing to somebody promising dirt cheap tech support doesn’t provide true cost reduction. Sure, there’s less in the bill, but hidden fees may crop up, or worse, the problem may not be actually fixed and may only aggravate the situation later on, doubling the cost and pulling down productivity. Sadly, they may also try to sell you something just to get your current problems solved.

Quality Matters

A good example of a good quality tech support company is a company that believes, “Customers Are People, Too.” If you want to make your customers happy, treating them like people is the least you can do. Referring to a customer as a ticket number is off-putting. Referring to a customer as a business opportunity is just plain rude.

That’s why it’s important for a good tech support company to get to know people, form personal connections, listen to problems, and offer constructive solutions that actually work for a business. They don’t play games with customers when it comes to support. In their minds a phone tag in the middle of a server meltdown isn’t a good idea for the productivity of their client’s business.

When tech support works with a business to provide technical and managed services, the tech support people properly explain exactly what the client is paying for so there aren’t any surprises when an emergency crops up. Even better, they automate preventative maintenance and use monitoring software to keep emergencies from happening in the first place.

There are even times when a really good quality tech support company will call you to warn you about problems that may develop because it may affect the business’ productivity.

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