There are computer problems that you can fix by yourself, and there are those that you simply need to leave alone unless the problem becomes worse, and blows up in your face. While it’s nice to be able to be a DIY computer repair guy from time to time on your own computer, there are some problems you just need to pass on to the professionals.

After all, paying a small fee to the professional tech support company or maintaining a small monthly subscription is far better than the total cost of having to replace your damaged computer with a new one. In short, learn when to troubleshoot and when to leave things to the pros.

Damaged or Corrupted Hard Drive

It doesn’t really matter what caused your hard drive to be corrupted or damaged. Once this happens, it needs a replacement, so you need to call tech support for this. They can discuss with you what new hard drive you need to buy and which files from the old hard drive you need to transfer. You’ll know your hard drive is damaged when you boot up your computer and the hard drive makes a continuous clicking sound. When this happens, just contact your tech support professional. There’s nothing else you can do.

Your PC is Infected with a Virus or Malware

You might think, “Wait, don’t I have anti-virus or anti-malware program to get rid of this?” Unfortunately, if you’re using the free trial versions of these programs, chances are one really bad virus or malware will get through. It only takes one to run amok inside your PC. When this happens, many of your files become corrupted until finally your OS is damaged and your PC won’t boot properly. This means you need to call your tech support professional to have your whole system reinstalled in order to kill the virus. Please don’t do this yourself. Let the pro techs do it and they’ll be asking you a lot of questions.

Your PC Needs a Memory Upgrade

If you’ve had your computer for more than two years, it might no longer be meeting the memory requirements it needs. Call your professional tech support so they can determine the real time amount of available system resources, including memory, and performance/usage of your PC. They can then tell you what memory upgrade to buy and install it for you. Another reason why you might need to change your computer’s memory or RAM is when you frequently get a “blue screen.” Again, let the professionals handle this.

Any Hardware Failure

Finally, if your computer continues to be slow and you keep experiencing glitches, you might be having even more serious hardware related issues or failing components. Whatever it may be, just seek a professional tech support specialist so they can determine the real trouble.

Know your limitations and when to throw in the towel.

Aside from the abovementioned, if you encounter any PC issues or problems that you’re not sure of or aren’t comfortable to fix yourself, simply call for professional tech support. It’s better to do this than causing more damage to your computer. In short, if the situation is complicated, don’t complicate it further.


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