There’s a common story that has been making rounds among many technical support companies. A customer frantically dials a tech support because his computer would not turn on no matter what he did. After listening to the customer for a while, the support representative calmly asks the customer, “Did you plug the power cord into the outlet?” The customer plugged the power cord and when his computer turned on, he exclaimed, “My gosh, you’re a genius! You fixed my computer.”

Unfortunately, this story has been going around for many years in many tech support companies because it has been repeated many times. Thus, the moral of the story is this: No matter what happens to your computer, check out everything first, be prepared, and perform the basics before even picking up the phone to call for technical help.

Nowadays, it is possible to contact any online technical support services in numerous different ways. Still, the most common method is to dial the phone for a more personalized feeling. However, before even planning to call, there are certain things you need to follow and prepare for:

Before even calling, double check everything first. For instance, if your troubleshooting tools or Windows itself won’t update, check your Internet connection. If you get a blank screen or the computer won’t boot up, check if the drive, video card, or other connectors are loose. Often, the problem is so simple, you can solve it yourself.

If you are calling for support on a particular computer product, make sure you have all important details written down. For example, the Serial Number and Model number of the particular device or computer is needed for documenting your concern.

Before calling, make sure you’re on the location of your setup in case you need to follow directions or if the tech engineer needs to access your computer remotely.

Have a piece of pen and paper prepared in case in case you need to write down some important information or instructions.

Try finding the answer to your computer problem, question, or inquiry online before calling. You might find an answer online by using a search engine. You can also check the manufacturer’s website for troubleshooting advice. For instance, Microsoft Windows has a troubleshooting page that covers most problems that you may encounter and their solutions.

Make sure you have at least 30 minutes to an hour of available time, not only for the waiting time, but also for the time that may be required to troubleshoot the issue.

If in case the product in question has been proven by the assisting technician to be bad or needs to be replaced, have all of the unit’s purchase information available.

Have more than one credit card ready to be given over the phone if you are planning on purchasing or if the support call requires a fee.

Finally, make sure to write down the support representative’s name and reference number once you’ve connected with the tech support in case you need to get back in touch with them.

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