SPAM — nobody ever wants to deal with them. Why? Because spam mails frequently contain attachments or links that may direct you to malicious sites for phishing or have the objective of injecting malicious codes into your mobile device or PC. Well you don’t have to worry about your inbox being bombarded with spam because there are tools that can help you deal with it.

Below are some useful tips on how you can avoid getting spam mails in your inbox.

Use a Fake Email Address

There are instances wherein you need to leave your email address online somewhere, and that is where spam bots are actively searching for email addresses that they can add to their database. To prevent your inbox from being bombarded by spam, it’s best to use a fake email address or write it in a way that a spambot will unable to associate it with an email address, like fake email at Gmail dot com (writing it out in words). Do this only if it’s necessary, but whenever you can, avoid giving out your email address online where a bot can easily read it.

Use a Different Username

You probably have another (or secondary) email address that you use for other things like collecting newsletters from your favorites websites. But in order to keep your primary email address safe from spam, avoid using a username in forums or other sites that is exactly the same or identical to your primary email address. If someone wants to send you spam, it will be easier for them since they will just add the domain of major email providers along with your username. Most likely it’s going to be Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.

Don’t Share Your Email Address on Social Networks

Always keep in mind not to share your email address on social networks, otherwise you are putting yourself vulnerable from receiving tons of spam later on. Various social networks have their own tools for other people to contact you, so be wise and avoid giving out your email address in public. If you need to do it, send that person a private message or use other messaging tools to give out your email address.

Set Up a Filter

If you are using Gmail or if your email service is equipped with a Spam Filter feature, you can set it up to filter spam from entering your inbox. If for some reason spam manages to get into your inbox, delete it right away and do not open it or send it to anyone.

Inform your friends and family about the functionality of BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), since it allows the sender to hide the person in the BCC field from other people when forwarding an email with many email addresses attached to it.

Tools to Help You Avoid Spam

If you need to give out your email address, whether you want to try an online app or try using aliases, you can use the 33Mail tool to help you with that. The 33Mail tool is a great way to help you unblock unwanted mail.

You can also protect your email address behind a test from The tool is very easy to use since you only need to type in your email address. You will be given a short URL that comes with a custom HTML. If the person who wants your email address manages to pass the simple test and is proved to be human, then that’s the only time that will be able to get your email address.


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