With all the things you do and places you go to, and you want to make some memories out of each one of them, it’s hard to say that there’s enough space on your smartphone to keep up with your daily lifestyle. Regardless of a phone’s brand and features, what matters is how big its memory space is. Almost everyone would agree that a phone can be powerful if you can store as many apps, photos, and videos as you like.

However, a huge memory space can still get maxed out over a period of time. So what do you need to do? The best solution for this is to clean your phone’s cache and other junk files to replenish its memory. Files, photos, apps, and other content that you rarely use and need, and forgot to remove them are those contents considered as “junk files.” Luckily, there is an app for Windows Phone 8 called Shrink Storage that does the job easier for you.

How does Shrink Storage works? The app cleans your phone’s storage once its memory is completely full. Shrink Storage forcibly fills up your phone’s internal memory, and then utilizes its built-in feature to delete some of the unused space categorized as “Other” on your phone. To use it, run the app after installing it, and then tap the Fill Phone Storage button on the screen. This process may take several minutes so just be patient. If ever you would a notification from Windows alerting you that it is running out of storage space, just cancel it out because you clearly knew that’s what the app is trying to do. Wait for the confirmation message to appear indicating that your phone storage is now full. Tap ok and then proceed in restarting your Windows Phone 8.

Now, go back to the app and tap the Clean Phone Storage button this time. Once the process is done, you will get a message telling you how much storage space has been freed. However, you may need to run Shrink Storage a few more times before a significant amount of memory will be released.

According to some users who tried the app, they have freed up about 1 GB of space, while some claim it did not change anything on their phone’s memory usage. And since Shrink Storage is free, it wouldn’t harm to try it anyway, don’t you think?

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