Without a doubt, Facebook is considered to be the most popular social media network there is. Many have attempted to outdo the social media giant, but they have failed. The only thing these competitors can do is try to keep up and stay close in the race of social media giants. Facebook Messenger offers great features and tons of surprises that you’ll surely enjoy while talking to your friends and family wherever they are.

The same thing applies to Facebook Messenger. And if you’re already loving it, here are some tips and tricks every Facebook Messenger fan should be familiar with.

Facebook Messenger Has a Website

Yes, it does. Whenever you feel or need to chat with somebody, you may probably go to facebook.com and chat from there, right? That’s fine, but you can easily get distracted with checking out your news feed, updating your profile, or viewing your notifications when all you need to do is send that person an important message. To avoid this, you can go to Facebook Messenger’s own website, messenger.com, and then chat from there.

Use Messenger Even Without a Facebook Account


Most people would think that in order to use Facebook Messenger, you need to have a Facebook account, which would actually make sense doesn’t it? The truth is, you don’t need to. Anyone with a phone number can access Messenger and its features. Simply download the app and choose “Not on Facebook,” when you see the prompt, and you’re good to go!

See Content You Have Shared

If you often share stuff on Messenger, you might not bother to download it to your computer since you know you can find it later in the app. As time goes by, you keep sharing, and when you need a particular picture, it’s lost in the sea of messages and other things.

Instead of scrolling through all of the messages you have sent, hit the menu button on your phone after you have launched the app, and you will end up in Details. Scroll down until you see Shared Content, and from there you will only see the stuff you have shared with a particular person without the messages. That’s going to make searching a lot easier.

Personalize Your Conversations with Colors and Emojis


Would you like to add some colors or emojis to add more life to your conversations? That’s easy! Simply tap on your phone’s menu button, and you will be taken to details. To change the color or your conversations, tap on Color. To add a main emoji, tap on Emoji and choose the ones you want to see. If you choose the thumbs up emoji, you can make it bigger by making a long press on its icon, and then release it when you achieved your preferred thumbs up size.


If you send the emoji like the one above, the conversation automatically fills up with hearts.

Create Group Shortcut

If there is a group of people you always want to chat with, you can create a shortcut to your favorite group. Here’s what you need to do: Open the Facebook Messenger app, then tap on the Groups tab, which is the people icon at the top menu. Next, tap on the three vertical dots on the right side of the group image, then select Create Shortcut. That’s it!



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