Considered as one of the biggest features of Windows 10, Cortana has now been fully integrated into the desktop operating system. Being a powerful digital assistant, Cortana can perform a lot more than just crack jokes or sing songs. Now, you might feel a little lost especially if you’ve just met Cortana.

To get you a little bit educated, here are some useful things that you can do with Cortana on your Windows 10 PC.

Set Reminders and Alarms

With Cortana’s help, you can easily set reminders on your computer with just a few words. For example, you can tell her “Remind me to get eggs tomorrow at 10 AM” will instruct her to set the reminder. When the time you mentioned has arrived, she will remind you of the task. Aside from setting a time, you can also instruct Cortana to remind you of anything when you go to a certain place or talk to a person on your contact list.

Not only you can set reminders, Cortana also lets you create quick alarms. To set an alarm, all you have to do is say something like “Set alarm for 5 AM tomorrow” and Cortana will do just that. If you want to view all your current alarms set, just say “Show alarms.”

Open Apps

Launching apps or desktop programs via Cortana is just as easy and simple as clicking on the icon on the taskbar. To do this, just get Cortana’s attention by saying “Hey, Cortana” and then say “Open [name of the application].” If the program you are trying to open are designed to work with Cortana, you can even control those apps or voice commands with your voice.

For instance with the Groove music app, you can command Cortana to play the next song by saying “Next song.”

Use Natural Language for Searching for Files

Do you know that Cortana is designed to understand natural language? Yes, and you can use it to search for your files such as documents, photos, etc. If you’d like to see your recent photos, just say “Hey Cortana, find my photos” and Cortana will display all your photos stored locally on your PC and OneDrive.

Perform Calculations

Cortana can also perform basic calculations, FYI. This time, you don’t need to talk in order to use the calculator app with Cortana’s help. All you have to do is press the Start button, enter the numbers you want to be calculated, and the answer will be displayed instantly.

Check Weather

For those who doesn’t know yet, Cortana can be used to gather quick weather updates in your location. Just ask Cortana by saying something like “Hey Cortana, what is the weather like in my location?” If ever you want to know the weather of a different city, just replace “in my location” with the city’s name.

Create Calendar Events

You can also tell Cortana to create calendar events similar as to how you add reminders and events. To add a calendar event, just say something like “Hey Cortana, add meet Lisa tomorrow at 5 PM to the calendar” and Cortana will perform the task. The good thing is that you can actually select the calendar from the drop-down menu. This is a helpful feature if you are using other calendars like Google Calendar.

Send an Email

Cortana also has the ability to send emails if you are using the built-in Mail app to manage your email accounts. If you want to send an email using Cortana, simply invoke Cortana and then say “Send email to John.”


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