It has been an almost tradition every year that Apple releases a new iOS version, along with a bunch of tips to share among its users. And just like with iOS 8 and 9, iOS 10 offers numerous tricks and improvements, which continue to multiply as it goes along the way. iOS 10 is also the same with its predecessor versions in a way that it also had flaws when it first came out. Some were very unlucky to get a bricked iPhone, or may at least malfunctioned and required iTunes in order to finish the update.

Check out some of these tips and tricks to help you master Apple’s new operating system, and then you can show it off to your friends or family because they don’t know it yet.

Kill Unused Apple Apps

 iOS 10

With iOS 10, you no longer have to keep apps that Apple pre-loads on all its iPhones, but eventually would end up in a folder labeled “crap.” To delete them, perform the same action as how you would normally delete an app by holding down your finger on the icon until they all go wiggly, and then clicking the X button on its upper-left corner of the app. If in case you want to have it/them back, you can always download and reinstall them from the App Store.

Keep in mind though that removing some apps will affect the other from performing as promised. For example, if you delete iBooks, Maps, Music, or Podcast app, and they will no longer work with CarPlay.

Get Siri to Locate Photos

Getting Siri to locate photos is an easy way in order to access your old photos in the fastest way possible. Users only need to open Siri and say “Show me photos from August 5 (example date).” Siri will then start pulling out photos taken on that specific date.

Quick Access to Camera With 3D Touch

With both the iPhone 6S lineup and the iPhone 7 lineup coming with 3D Touch, Apple has used the technology to provide quick access to camera modes. Users just need to press the Camera app icon on the home screen, wherein you will be presented with a quick action menu with selfie, slow motion, and video options being displayed.

Replace Text With Emojis

 iOS 10

People can change words with emojis using the iMessage app. All they need to do is tap the button for emoji within a Message. Once done, all the words that can be replaced with an emoji will be highlighted in orange. From there, you can go ahead and replace the word you want to be replaced with an emoji.

Find Parked Cars

Enhancements were also made on the Apple Maps app on iOS 10 because you can now use it to locate a parked car. The said feature works as the iPhone senses whenever the user is driving a car, and once they stop and park it, the location is marked on Apple Maps and displayed in a notification.

Search for Photos Using Facial Recognition

The Photos app now includes facial recognition and upon navigating to Albums then People, users can check those who are identified and more. Siri can also be used to search for pictures of a particular person who was photographed in the past.

Get Loud With Messages

 iOS 10

If you’re using the Messages app and sending to others on iMessage (you’ll know because word balloons are all blue, instead of green), you have new ways to animate what you send. The word balloon on the other end, regardless if you’re sending a text or an image, can be set to Slam, Loud, Gentle, or Invisible ink (where the user has to “scratch” the message on screen to see what it says). You can set other effects to rock the recipient’s whole screen, not just the word balloon — and these include fireworks, balloons, confetti, lasers, and a shooting star. To pull up the Effects menu, just hold the send button, click Bubble or Screen at the top to choose which you want to put the effect on. Users not having iOS 10 will just have a normal text.

Draw Your Message

 iOS 10

The interesting part about using the Effects feature in Messages is only when your iPhone is held in portrait orientation. If you try holding the phone about 90 degrees to landscape orientation, the said feature will no longer be accessible. We’re not sure whether this is an iOS limitation or something that needs to be fixed on the next update. However, holding your iPhone this way gives you access to the new full-screen drawing option for hand-writing messages. A few pre-hand-written samples like “Happy birthday” are provided. The handwriting will be shown simply in “black” ink on white.

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