According to Economics lessons, the more choices there are for consumers, the better for the consumer. However, the fast pace of today’s technology, there is now a huge flooding of smartphones into the market almost each month from every conceivable phone manufacturer from every corner of the earth. These companies are always announcing “the next big thing” that always seems to be there each year. Captivated by remarkable features, cutting-edge designs and gargantuan specs, consumers have a lot to choose from, usually to the point of confusion, in fact. Yes, this plethora of choices can make it hard to choose the right phone for you.

Hopefully, this small guide can help you learn the features to look for when buying a smartphone so you aren’t tantalized by a phone with great features but with mediocre performance.

iOS is easier to use; Android gives you more choice

If you’re torn between Apple and other brands, get an iPhone if you want something that’s easy to use and gets both the hottest apps first and timeliest software updates. Android phones are better if you want more hardware choice and more affordable options.

Don’t pay more than you need to for a phone

Don’t buy a phone for its brand. While the iPhone and premium Android phones start at around $650 and even more, there are great affordable unlocked-phone options below $500 and even some solid choices for less than $300.

Get the right screen size

Buy a phone with a screen smaller than 5.5 inches if one-hand use is important to you or if you have smaller hands. Get a bigger-screen phone if you like to watch a lot of videos, play games, or want to take advantage of apps for work. Bigger screens are also advisable for those who read e-books or have poor vision. But remember that smaller phones are handier while bigger phones need a small bag to carry them since they won’t fit into pockets.

Ignore camera megapixels

No matter how far phone cameras have come, they are no match for point and shoot cameras and DSLR’s when it comes to image quality. It’s nice to have a camera phone for small events or anything else, but for the big ones, use a real camera.

Don’t settle for a smartphone with a battery capacity of less than 3,000 mAh

So before buying a smartphone, check out the battery capacity. 3,000 mAh is enough to give you at least a full day or probably a little more of battery life, as well as call times of up to 15 hours.

Get at least 32GB of storage

Phones with 16GB are thankfully becoming extinct on most phones now that manufacturers generally start at 32GB of storage. If you plan to download lots of games or shoot 4K video, opt for 64GB or more. Remember that images take up a lot of space and your music album playlist will need at 32GB if you plan to keep discography albums from various artists.


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