Remote tech support is a way for a technician to diagnose a problem, experiment with possible steps to solve the problem, and verify an implemented solution — all these are done via the Internet. This means the computer technician stays at his workstation, and the malfunctioning computer stays where it is, too. It provides customers with needed answers to help eliminate stress and frustration. Desktop sharing software allows technicians to see screenshots of the problematic computer’s screen to the remote support troubleshooter. It also captures their keystrokes and mouse clicks, sending them across the Internet to the exact location where the problem computer is.

In the technology age, remote tech support is becoming more important than ever before as more and more businesses turn to technology in order to run more efficiently and be more productive. It is the ability to assist customers solve problems without having to physically be at the site of the customer’s issue. Here are some strong points that will help you realize the benefits of utilizing remote tech support for your computer repair needs.

It Saves You Time and Cost

Utilizing remote tech support reduces the amount of time needed to solve a computer problem down tremendously. And with this, it can also reduce the cost of support. The whole process flows more efficiently using remote tech support compared to a remote support technician who is giving instructions over the phone and blindly trying to figure out what is exactly happening on the problem machine based from the observations and explanations from a possibly non-technical computer user.

Remote tech support can result in benefits of scale as well. Each independent solution of a problem is facilitated by giving the remote support technician more direct access to and feedback from the problem machine. The more an individual employee and computer user is assisted via remote tech support, the bigger are the resulting benefits and profits for the company, especially those with several hundred employees.

Tasks Can Be Accomplished

Almost all computer-related concerns and problems can be resolved and many other tasks can be accomplished using remote tech support. Some of these that can be handled via remote support include virus removal, spyware scan and elimination, driver installation and update, installation of new business software, and other software upgrades. Even processes that require a PC reboot can be handled with no problem as well, since the remote technician can reconnect as soon as the computer has resumed running. Failing hardware must be repaired in person, although the diagnosis can also be done remotely. Of course, Internet or network connection problems would prevent a remote tech support from connecting to the problem machine at all. Any such situation would need to be resolved first.

Round-the-Clock Support

A remote tech support offers 24×7 assistance, making sure that the customers receive fast response times for their IT-related problems. In fact, the remote tech support will call or email you instantly to give you a status report on your IT concerns.


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