The Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with new and exciting features that will surely impress all smartphone fanatics. But, there is more to Galaxy S5 than meets the eye. And part of owning one of the top smartphones in the market is finding out all the things it can offer. Here are the top hidden features and secrets you should know about:

Private Mode

Private Mode is a convenient way to hide personal files, pictures, videos, and other media types you don’t want others to see. This feature allows you to select the photos, videos, music, voice recorder, and personal files you want to be viewed only in Private Mode. The items you select to be in Private Mode can only be accessed by entering the correct PIN or unlock pattern.

Galaxy S5 using private mode

To use this feature, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Go to Settings, then tap Private Mode.

STEP 2: Set up a password and then turn on Private Mode.

STEP 3: Go to your Gallery or the file you want to password-protect, and then long-press on an image or file.

STEP 4: Tap the menu button at the upper-right, and then tap Move to Private.

Customize Folder Color

One way to organize app folders in the Galaxy S5 is by changing the color of the folders on your home screen from the default color (blue). There are five color options to choose from: blue, grey, maroon, brown, and green.

Galaxy S5 customize folder color


The Toolbox widget allows you quick access to your favorite apps by allowing you to create additional shortcuts for applications such as camera, voice recorder, browser, notes, and calculator. However, you can also swap to other apps to better suit your needs. The Toolbox widget can be found at the Settings menu or via Quick Access settings in the notifications pull-down.

Galaxy S5 Toolbox

Built-in Photo Editor

Samsung added loads of photo-editing features inside the Gallery app of the Galaxy S5. Now you can remove red-eye, apply filters and effects, and draw over photos inside your Photo Gallery.

Galaxy S5 built-in photo editor

Change Color Temperature

The Galaxy S5’s AMOLED screen is known for having slightly bluish whites and very intense color saturation. Some people may be ok with this, but there are some who might find this too much. You can change your phone’s color temperature by changing the Screen Mode to Professional Photo. The Professional Photo mode changes the slightly bluish whites into truer whites by reducing the intensity of some colors.

Galaxy S5 change color temperature

Kids Mode

The Kids Mode feature of the Galaxy S5 provides parents the ability to restrict their kids from accessing certain apps and media contents. You can even transform your device’s user interface with new icons and wallpaper to make it kid-friendly.

Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

Tilt to Playlist

Tilting your Galaxy S5 horizontally while in Music app will automatically create a playlist by pulling out your favorite songs from Recently Played and Most Played tabs under a single playlist.

Galaxy S5 Tilt to Playlist

Use Pencil as Stylus

You can use a regular pencil as a stylus to write on your Galaxy S5 screen by simply enabling the Increase touch sensitivity option under the Display settings.

Galaxy S5 Use Pencil as Stylus

Quick Connect

Quick Connect allows you to share contents to another device. All you need to do is access Quick Connect via the Quick Access settings in the notifications pull-down. Tap Quick Connect to display the list of ways you can share your multimedia to your computer and other connected devices.

Galaxy S5 Quick Connect

Stop Calls from Interrupting Apps

Whenever a call comes in, the notification will interrupt whatever you are doing inside an app. To receive calls without being disrupted from your tasks, go to Settings > Call options, and then configure the full-screen notifications during any calls.

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