Since the path of customer service has improved over the years, there seems to be no turning back. We have seen companies engage their customers through switchboards and physical stores over the last decade, followed by customer service outsourcing and online shopping services a few years after.

The existing landscape of customer service experience is constantly changing up to this day. Below are ways experts weigh in on customer support trends for 2017 and the not-so-distant future:

Messenger services cater perfectly to early adopters

Early adopters are those part of your audience whom you engage with through new technology, ideas, processes, or systems. For this group, the convenience of connecting with you through live web chat and messaging apps means a lot of time and effort is saved on their end.

And since they are highly dependent and comfortable with the messaging platform, you should be able to use it for responding to their inquiries or concerns in real time, assisting them to navigate to your website, walking them through on how to properly use your product, or promoting your services to them.

Omnichannels are beneficial for as long customers can manage them


The concept of omnichannels — mobile devices, email, chat, social media, and website has its ups and downs. Yes, it gives customers the option to use the channel that they personally prefer. On the other hand, some experts are also predicting that at one point, customers may find the omnichannel setup too disjointed and demanding at least on their side given that some of them still prefer to use a certain channel for every specific purpose.

Therefore, it is up to you to minimize the frustration by offering fewer contact options to customers and focusing instead on no more than two channels such as messaging apps and live chat.

Customer service on social media lives on

You’d be missing out a lot if you didn’t take customer service thru social media, considering there are billions of users flocking these sites a few good hours every day. Social channels are giving customers a fast and easy way to share their positive experiences with their favorite band or to call out on those that are less deserving of their business.

Constantly monitoring these channels can give you instant feedback about the level and quality of customer service you’re giving, as well as reward you with equal opportunities as your customers so that you can make yourself be heard.

Getting personal in customer service is yet to be accomplished


If there’s any area in customer service that deserves to be sealed, it’s none other than personalization. Unfortunately, research has shown that companies have misconception about it. To turn things around, you need to provide your buyers’ needs with the tools you have, for instance, some tracking software that you use to monitor those who visit your site. For those who browse product reviews often, you could push some content at the top of the page so that your customers don’t need to look elsewhere in order to find what they need.


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