One of the best email clients that you can install on your devices is the Mozilla Thunderbird. Its huge library of add-ons, which can be installed, is one of the reasons why this email client is so popular to use. If you are concerned about the security of your emails while using Thunderbird, the list of security add-ons below should give you the assurance and make your experience with the tool as secure as possible.

1. QuickPasswords

There is always a constant threat of your username and password stolen when it comes to getting logged in to websites. The QuickPasswords add-on keeps your entire login data secure, and it only retrieves them when you need them. For example, if you are on a website that you want to log in to, you just need to right-click the username field, and it should auto-fill it for you.

2. Password Exporter

If you think that your system is being infected by viruses and other malicious codes running on your computer, Password Exporter is the right add-on you should use. It lets you export all of your usernames and passwords that are stored on your computer to a CSV file. Once you have cleaned up your PC, simply import the CSV file you have exported before and it should work just fine.

3. Dr. Web LinkChecker

Are you in doubt as to where the link, which you’ve just got in your email, leads to? Do you suspect that it will go to a malicious file or a phishing web page? Don’t settle with second guesses because the Dr. Web LinkChecker will be able to tell you how safe the URL is that you’re about to open. This add-on is useful, especially if you’ve been getting a lot of links on your email, and don’t know which one is legit or not. When there’s a link on the email message, this add-on has the ability to identify whether the link is infected by a virus or not, keeping you secure at all times.

This is a must-have add-on that should be installed for your Mozilla Thunderbird client.

4. TBTracer

Do you want to know exactly what types of data gets transmitted while using your Mozilla Thunderbird email client? Well, the TBTracer should be able to do that task for you. This Thunderbird add-on shows you all the data that is being sent and received to and from your email client. When you know what data is being sent as plain text, you can then apply the necessary encryption add-ons and make it unreadable. Quite geeky, right?

5. Enigmail

What exactly happens when you compose a new email and then hit the Send button? It actually goes directly to the mail server, then to its intended recipient. However, if your email contains sensitive or confidential information, you may want to encrypt your email first before sending it for an added layer of security. Enigmail encrypts all of your emails, thus making it difficult for any prospective hacker to read its content. An encrypted email looks like gibberish writing, which no one can read. The Enigmail add-on is available for both Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.

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