Email is considered either a problem or a challenge for almost everyone, especially at work. Getting so much emails in your office inbox can add to the stress you may already be having. It can pose as a great distraction and wastes your precious time that could have been better spent doing your actual office work or reports.

Business owners and managers can now protect both themselves and their employees from email overload at work. Here are four easy-to-follow solutions that you can implement to fight against email overload at work.

1. Encourage face-to-face communication

When employees are given the chance to talk to one another personally, then there’s no reason why they converse via email. Face-to-face conversations are better than email, especially if it involves sensitive or urgent business matters. For some people, conveying their feelings and opinions are somehow easier thru oral conversation rather than in written form. This way, business owners and employees can help reduce unnecessary emails.

2. Use an instant messaging program

IM or Instant Messaging is definitely a reliable tool to use if you need a quick conversation. It can also be useful if the person you need to have that quick talk with is in a remote location. Some businesses do not allow employees from installing such programs, although they can be big demand in the office. You can get instant messaging in a standalone app, or those that are built into an online business platform, like Podio, Yammer, Jive, etc. If your company or business uses Google Apps, you can go for Google Talk. Regardless of the IM app or software you use, make sure that everyone at work uses the same tool. And if your business or company’s IT department implements restrictions as to what the employees can install, make sure everyone knows which IM app is exempted to the rule so that they can verify the installations.

3. Find a better place than email for common messages

One instance is when employees email to let everyone know they’re out sick, on vacation, or leaving early. These are emails that can contribute to email overload, but can be easily remedied. One solution that you can try is to have a shared calendar for your work group or department. Another alternative is for your administrative assistant to make a log or tracking sheet of who’s in and out, on leave, etc. and then send out one consolidated email instead for everybody’s reference.

4. Be an email role model

If you happen to be the manager or head of a company or department, see to it that you exhibit email habits that you want your employees to follow. Write shorter emails as much as possible. Converse with people face-to-face if you feel that it’s the better method of communication. Make a habit of using IM or other chat messaging tools for quick and short conversations instead. People will follow your examples once they realize the importance of managing your emails and going with other alternative options. This way, you can be able to develop better work values at work.

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