Usually, there are many inexpensive and often free ways to show appreciation to your customers. Of course, a great part of customer appreciation consists of great food and service, however, personal attention given by the business owner or manager can go a long way in making customers feel appreciated. Here are four tips on how you can make your customers feel like they are a VIP.

Personal Attention

If you’re a restaurant owner, don’t hesitate to go up to tables, introduce yourself, and ask them how their meal is. Customers will surely feel special to realize that the owner took the time to check on them. It doesn’t need to be a lengthy conversation, as some customers would prefer to have it brief. Just give a brief introduction and tell the customer(s) to let you know if they encounter any problem.

Get to Know Your Loyal Customers

The backbone of any successful business is its regular customers. It’s a good practice to get to know their names, spouse’s names, kid’s names. You can also ask what they do for a living. Know their interests so that you can engage them into an interesting conversation. Let the customer that you enjoy their presence and always make them feel at home.

Address Problems Immediately

Inevitably you will encounter customer complaints once in a while. Don’t shy away from them. Instead, acknowledge the problem and offer some type of solution, whether it’s concerning their monthly bill or they simply want to rant about a slow Internet connection. Customer concerns, whether it’s a complaint or just plain inquiry should always be attended to the soonest possible time. This is also another way to let them feel that they’re important.

Send Them a Personal Note

Sending your customer a thoughtful and unexpected thank you note after a client appointment, following a purchase, or whenever they have done anything that deserves some appreciation is also one good way to let them know that they’re valuable to you. Although sending it thru email may be faster and easier, you will definitely make an impression by sending a note in the mail.

Gift Cards are Also Great

Sending gift cards is also another smart way to show gratitude to your customers. Why? Not only will they enjoy the items or perks you’ll be offering them, they will also think of you when it comes to redeem the gift. Your options can be from coffee shops, restaurants, movies, bookstores, office supplies, or anything else that your client will appreciate. For even more mileage, you may consider partnering with another business and send each other’s gift cards to your respective loyal customers.

Customer Appreciation Days

You can also designate one or more days each year to celebrate your loyal customers. You can offer a customer-only secret promotional sale, give-away lunch if you have a physical location, or provide a special bonus to those on your mailing list.

Life Events

If you have a customer that is getting married, having a baby, being promoted, or enjoying another major life event, it’s also a good way to send them an acknowledgement — even if it’s just a simple card. This gesture will surely be remembered by them, even if it’s just a small one.

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