A Chromebook can be an excellent low-cost alternative to a laptop. Even though Chromebooks don’t meet the full functionality of a Windows PC or a MacBook, they are actually great if you spend most of your time browsing online and performing some basic productivity tasks. There are a lot of great features inside the Chromebook. Recently, Chrome OS got an update that includes the Launcher having Google Now, which means other information such as the weather and calendar is now made more accessible, similar to an Android device. And just like on the Chrome browser, you can also search your Chromebook using your voice.

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can learn to make your Chromebook more enjoyable and easy to use. If you already have a Chromebook or are still planning on getting one, you may want to learn a trick or two that we’re going to present in this article.

Dual Functionality

Use the Search button or the App Launcher as a calculator by selecting either and then typing in calculations (+ for addition, – for subtraction, x for multiplication, and / for division). You can also use these sections to convert units. For example, try typing in “2 cups in ounces” and you’ll get an instant answer.

Play Your iTunes Library via Google Play Music

It’s not possible to run iTunes in a Chromebook, but you can import an iTunes library into Google Play Music. The service offers free music up to 50,000 songs (after that, you’ll be charged $9.99 a month) and works as long you have Internet access. First thing you need to do is to sign up for Google Play Music. Next, sign in to Google Play from the computer that works with your iTunes library, and then download the Music Manager. If you’re using Google Chrome as your browser, select Add Music, otherwise, choose Upload Music. Follow the instructions to upload your music library. Now, you can get your music from your Chromebook by going to Search or App Launcher, and then clicking Google Play.

See What’s in Store

If in case you would like to check out upcoming features and changes to Chrome OS, you can just switch the channel. Google allows you to stay with a stable version of Chrome, switch to a beta version, or go completely on dev. Stable is the safest and is the version that has been fully-tested. Beta has updates and enhancements that will be rolled out soon and it provides low risk. Dev is the very latest version in what developers are working on, however, it is the most unstable of all. To switch the channel that you’re currently using, go to your account on the lower-right hand corner of the Home screen, then go to Settings. Select About Chrome OS, then on the window that will appear, select More Info, and then select the channel you prefer.

Reset It All the Way

If you want to remove all your Chromebook accounts and start everything fresh, you can do so by going to your account name, then Settings. Next, look for Powerwash, then click its button. This action will reset your Chromebook to factory default settings.


Avoid any possible nightmares of a crash and create a recovery media for your Chromebook. Get an SD card or a USB flash drive that can hold 4GB or more, go to the Chrome Web Store, and then download the Chromebook Recovery Utility. Click on Get Started, and then just follow the on-screen instructions to continue. If in case you encounter a message saying “Chrome OS is missing or damaged,” insert the media you used to save the Chromebook Recovery Utility on and the OS should then reinstall.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can find all of Chromebook’s keyboard shortcuts by pressing [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [?]. You will get a keyboard map that you can discover by pressing [Ctrl][Alt], and [Shift] by themselves and in combination to see all shortcut configurations.


In order to start a friendly conversation with your Chromebook using voice command (yes, it’s possible) by saying “OK, Google,” just go to your Chromebook’s Settings, then check the box next toEnable OK Google, and you’re all set.

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