Building a computer or choosing parts for a computer for your work from home needs is not necessarily daunting. But it can be difficult and confusing in choosing what is best for your needs. Assuming that your work does not involve very technical stuff like web designing, web development, video editing, and the like, these specifications are more than enough for you:

Processor: Intel Celeron Quad Core or Intel Celeron Dual-Core

RAM: Minimum of 4GB Memory

Operating System: Windows 7 up to 10

Disk Space: 500GB HDD minimum (You can go up to 1 Terabyte if you feel the need)

Here are some tips when building your own work from home computer:

Don’t be cheap

Time is money, and money is crucial for your work from home needs. You will spend more in wasted time from a cheap computer than you will spend on a decent computer. Yes, that bargain computer at $300 may have been a great buy, but its lack of speed will cost you far more than that. Pony up at least $500 for a decent computer or be prepared to spend more for the sake of quality.

Get the best processor possible

The processor is the heart of your computer. If it’s slow, your machine will be slow. It is also the most difficult part to upgrade. But you can always add more RAM (memory) or get a larger hard drive later on.

Speed is not the only processor spec to consider

A good processor will have multiple cores. You need at least two, and four is about as high as most users will ever need if you are working from home. Users who need to work on rendering 3D models, photo-realistic images, animations, video editing, modeling, or analysis could need eight or more cores. Verify that with your software vendor to figure out the ideal number of cores.

Use as much RAM Chips as possible

Your computer’s motherboard contains RAM slots in multiples of two. You should fill them all, no matter how many there are. If there are four slots, put in four RAM chips. This will provide four access points to your RAM. The more access you have, the faster things will go. Think of it in this way: If all of your water pipes are the same size, will you get more water from two pipes or from four? RAM works in a similar fashion.

Choose the right video card

A video card designed for games works great for games. It is not designed for CAD work. You can probably get your work done (or play your games) just fine, but don’t assume that if it works well for a game that it will work well for you. Choose a video card that works fine with your type of homebased work but will also work well with watching heavy videos. Generally, if you’re work from home tasks don’t involve doing heavy technical work; you don’t need to buy Ryzen 3’s, 5’s, and 7’s.


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