It’s really quite simple: If you don’t know the root cause of the problem, or if you don’t know how to fix it, then don’t even bother and just call in the professionals. This, of course, should be professionals from a legitimate computer technical support company.


As to the particular computer problems, should any attempt be done by the user to fix the computer without any prior professional training, this only courts further problems for your PC, and thus, any additional aggravations to the present problem now becomes your fault.


Computer Freeze and the “Blue Screen of Death”

When this happens you don’t need to know anything else to see that this is really a big computer problem. Symptoms include a “frozen” computer, followed by a blue screen with some white text, and the computer automatically restarts. The cause is usually some serious hardware malfunction that causes the operating system to immediately shut down and restart. Other causes may also be outdated drivers or spyware. The key here is to always update the operating system and have an updated antivirus program. Still, if this problem occurs, start dialing your tech support company.


Abnormal Computer Behavior

If your computer doesn’t start up, suddenly restarts without prompting, overheats frequently, shuts down programs all of a sudden, or giving off clunking sounds from the fan or hard drive, then this clearly describes a computer with abnormal behavior. These are all symptoms of internal hardware problems particularly with your hard drive, so it is highly recommended to immediately call your tech support company to make the proper repairs or replace your hard drive.


Other Hardware Problems

Hardware problems cause severe headaches for the user because these problems are somewhat hard to pinpoint unless done by a professional technician. These problems include non-functional ports, non-functioning computer attachments, sound problems, video problems, and even power supply problems. When these occur, call your tech support company right away.


Severe Virus and Malware Infection

This is assuming you do have an antivirus and malware program installed and the virus or malware still got through. You will experience strange files and programs suddenly popping out even if you didn’t install them. Your computer settings have been changed and your browser is experiencing a lot of pop up messages. You need to call in professional help to get rid of these viruses or malware and possibly upgrade your antivirus program or install a new one.


Suddenly Slow Computer Performance

Your computer was running fine and fast the other day, but today it’s really slowing down and loading anything seems to take forever or won’t start at all. Computer performance is also way down and inefficient. This may be caused by not updating the operating system regularly (which means you didn’t set the automatic updating setting), registry problems, or just plain low hard disk space. Whatever is causing the poor performance, you might want to call your tech support company to make sure that the problem gets resolved as soon as possible.


Remember that computers are machines, and like any machine, they will begin to run down and develop problems over time. The best way to know if computer problems need professional help is simply to treat all problems on the same level and just call your tech support company to be sure.

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