Every new Android operating system, like the recently released Nougat, needs to be digged in so that one can discover its hidden powers. But what are those interesting features you definitely must learn how if you have an Android Nougat running on your device.

Quickly Switch Between Apps

The new Android version enables you to switch back and forth between the two most important apps by double-tapping the recent app button; which works in split-screen or full-app mode. It’s about time the company have come up with this feature, which should have been existent a long time ago.

Easy Pull-Down Shade Editing

 Android Nougat

You now have easy access to tiles of your choice through the top pull-down shade. Once you pull down the top shade, expand the little arrow on the right to see a fuller list of easy-access tiles (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, etc.). With Nougat, you can freely choose which tiles you want to stay there permanently. Look at the bottom-right corner and then tap the Edit button to access the complete list of tiles, where you can also drag to re-order them.

Here’s another add-on — the pull-down shade allows you to swipe left or right to multiple pages to access more tiles. You could, theoretically put all your tiles up there for quick access.

Check Out Battery Drain From Your Home Screen

You can now look at a battery drain graph just by tapping the battery icon in the drop-down menu. Aside from showing you the battery percentage, it can also show an estimate of how much longer the battery will last. There’s also a Battery Saver switch in this pop-up, which helps you limit background data, location services, and throttles the CPU in order to make your device’s battery last longer.

Reply to Messages Directly From the Notification

Perhaps the most useful feature in the new order of notifications is by letting you reply to messages via the notification itself. Once you receive a message, simply select its notification, and then tap the Replyoption. A text box will then appear, where you can actually compose your reply without having to enter the Messenger app to do it.

Scale the Screen According to Your Preference

Some custom Android interfaces let you tinker with how much info is crammed onto each screen. The feature has finally come to standard Android, and it works much better than before. By going to Settings > Display > Display Size, you can customize the scale of the whole OS. It changes icon and font sizes, but make sure each setting looks right on your device’s screen.

Multi-Window Support

 Android Nougat

This is considered as one of the top features of Android 7.0 Nougat. It lets you run two apps side by side onto one screen. To use it, just make a long press on the square soft key and this will make the screen split in half. The second part will show a carousel of all your recently used apps. Tap the one you want and it will fill the second half of the screen. Take note that not all apps support the Multi-Window feature, and not all the ones that support it work perfectly at the moment. But since there’s no harm in trying, you can always give it a shot.

Set a Separate Wallpaper for Lock and Home Screens

 Android Nougat

This feature was already available from many OEMs, but finally makes its long-overdue stock debut with Nougat. To access it, simply long press on the Home screen to change the wallpaper image, as you would normally would, and once you choose which photo you want, you’ll be asked if you want to use that picture as wallpaper for your home screen, lock screen, or both.



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