It is a grand idea to save Google maps offline, especially if you will be travelling to an area where there is limited or no data connectivity. It is a good thing that Google rolled out the latest Google Maps app update for mobile devices. The new Google Maps app update streamlines the process of saving and accessing a section for offline use. To learn how to save Google Maps for offline use, check out the steps below:

Save Google Maps for Offline Use

NOTE: The steps below apply to Android devices. However, the process will be similar to iOS devices.

Download and install the latest Google Maps app update for your Android device. For iOS users, click here to download the update.

Launch Google Maps and find the area you want to save.

Google Maps for Offline Use

If the area you want to save is listed in Google Maps, tap the place symbol. A place card will then appear after doing so.

If the area you want t save is not listed, hold your finger in the area you want to save to drop a pin on it. Tap the pin to get a place card.

Once a place card is in place, scroll down until you find the Save map to use offline option.

Google Maps for Offline Use

Pan and zoom the map to adjust to your liking. Once you are happy with the area you want saved, tap Save.

Google Maps for Offline Use

From there you can name the saved map if you want to.

The time it takes to save the map will depend on the map area you have chosen, as well as the speed of your data connection.

Access Saved Google Maps for Offline Use

To access the saved Google Maps offline, launch the Google Maps app, and then tap the profile icon on the Google Maps’ search bar.

Google Maps for Offline Use

Scroll down until you see Offline maps, and then tap the one you want.

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