Since the era started when tablets and smartphones are leading the trends in technology, cyber criminals are also up to the challenge of creating malware and viruses that target these devices. Android, one of the most popular mobile platforms in the world, is not new to these attacks. And as each year goes by, the number of infected smartphones increase at an alarming rate. Because of this, below are some of the most common and effective security apps that can be downloaded and installed on your Android device to protect it from any data loss or theft.

Avast! Mobile Security

 Mobile Security

Considered as one of the best security solutions provider in the world, Avast has now extended it security suite for Android-based devices. Avast! Mobile Security is a free application that’s loaded with a huge array of powerful tools and features. Some of its great features include Remote Lock, Network Meter, Privacy Advisor, and powerful SMS commands. If you’re already familiar with the ins and outs of the Avast! interface, you’ll never complain with the interface of this one. Its web portal allows you to remotely lock, locate, wipe your device, and set off an alarm in the event that your phone gets lost or stolen.

AVG Antivirus Pro


AVG Antivirus Pro is one of the most widely downloaded and used mobile security app for Android. It covers four different security aspects — Protection, Performance, Anti-Theft, and Privacy. The interface has a Scan Now button, which scans your Android device for malware. Its unique App Locker and App Backup functions, help users keep their applications safe and is easy to reinstall if in case your device needs to be reset. The app also includes a widget, providing you with some basic on-the-fly tools to manage your device’s security. What’s good in this app is you’ll hardly notice any difference in your device’s performance even while it is currently running in the background. The AVG Antivirus Pro can be downloaded for free. However, should you wish to go with the premium version, you can purchase it from Google Play for $14.99.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Pro


This app can provide the basic level of protection like with any other Android security apps such as remote lock and wipe. It also offers easy setup and navigation in the interface and strong malware protection. Its web portal allows you to set a custom message to lock your device, enter your email address to receive device location information, use the mug shot feature to set your phone or tablet to take pictures using its front-face camera, and wipe personal data or perform a factory reset. Additional features for premium subscribers include automatic cloud-based scanning of downloaded applications, automatic protection when surfing the Web, provided you’ll be using Android’s stock browser. You can these add-ons for $14.95 from Google Play.

Lookout Mobile Security


Lookout Mobile Security provides key security options aside from the antivirus and anti-maleware tech, it also offers a lost or stolen phone locator service, an application privacy adviser, and a backup service. Its Phone Tracker feature makes use of your GPS to track your phone’s location. In case your Android device gets lost or stolen, you can login to to find your phone. The app’s online interface enables you to set off the screaming alarm to annoy and startle your phone’s thief, as well as remotely wipe or lock the phone. The MyLookout site also enables you to initiate a backup and restore, run a security scan, and toggle the app’s settings, although these features can also be done via your Android device. If you upgrade to its premium service, you’ll be getting additional security features such as Privacy adviser, photo backup, call backup, data transfer to a new phone, remote wipe, remote lock, and premium support. It costs $2.99 a month or $29.99 for a one-year license.

Norton Mobile Security


Being the forerunner in providing antivirus and security solutions for PCs, and now in the mobile industry, the Norton Mobile Security app for Android devices can give you all you need in making sure that your device is safe from any threat out there. Its free version offers a malware scanner that can be run manually, or can also be set to run at automatic intervals, if desired. The app also automatically scans apps upon installation and update, which lets you browse Google Play safely. When running in the background, Norton keeps itself out of your device’s notification area and does not hinder your device’s performance either, which is great because you can still do your normal tasks on your device while keeping it secure. You can send various commands to your stolen/lost device via SMS text, and can scan SD cards when they’re inserted to your device to make sure that they’re malware-free. Premium features include ability to lock or wipe your device, and activate the Scream alarm in the event it gets lost/stolen, block unwanted calls and text messages from various contact groups, Contact Backup, Safe Browsing, and Sneak Peek feature that lets you command your phone to take a picture using your device’s front-face camera so you can take a good look at the person who has it. In general, the Norton Mobile Security’s intuitive well-designed interface, robust web application, and full set of premium security features makes it a very strong application for providing top-of-the-line malware and virus protection. You can purchase its 1-year premium license for $29.99 from Google Play.

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