The newest operating system released by Microsoft last July 29, Windows 10 is expected to be the biggest and most crucial software launch for the company in years. Not only is it faster and more performance efficient, it also offers tons of new exciting features. But if you’re still in the dark whether you should be making the upgrade, here’s a short list of reasons that would probably convince you what you will gain from the new Windows version.

1. The Start Menu

Microsoft snipped out the Start Menu when Windows 8 was released. The most loved menu for apps was kicked off and replaced by the Start Screen, which much like the Modern UI, was mainly aimed at touchscreen-capable devices. Users then began a widespread outcry to bring back the old Start Menu because of the inconvenience its absence has brought. Now that Microsoft re-introduced this tool back to the desktop platform, the Start Menu has a better look and also supports customization such as the ability to resize Start Menu’s windows space. The addition of Live Tiles is another interesting feature, which as you may remember from Windows Phone, is essentially a constantly updating large icons, wherein it continuously retrieve feeds from its corresponding app. For example, the weather app icon displays weather information without you having to click on it.

2. A Better All-Around Interface

Not only is the Start Menu the only user interface element that’s getting a facelift in Windows 10. Latter versions of Windows 8 included the capability to collapse Modern (also known as Metro) apps to the desktop taskbar. In Windows 10, you can freely resize and move these apps on your desktop. The company has also integrated some other features like the multiple “virtual” desktop support, separated versions of your PC’s primary interface that enables different programs to be grouped more efficiently.

Other improvements made within the newest Windows version aims to make accessing programs and information quicker and easier, regardless of which form factor you are using. A revised app switcher called Takes View makes all open windows visible with a simple gesture, and a miniature version of this will appear by using the “snap” feature, which will allow you to resize a program’s active window quickly.

3. Edge Internet Browser


Known before as “Project Spartan,” Microsoft delivers its new browser to a modern world of browsers. Now named as Microsoft Edge, it is claimed to be faster than Google Chrome. From a recent blog post, results of the study show that Edge is 112% faster than Chrome based on WebKit Sunspider benchmark; 37% faster than Apple’s based from JetStream benchmarks; and 11% faster on Google’s very own Octane benchmarks.

Aside from the speed boost, Edge also lets you annotate webpages in real time, and then easily share notes and doodled pages with your friends. It also includes integration with Cortana voice actions, a built-in reading list for unread web stories, support for digital “ink” from tablet styli, and a simple, clean user interface.

4. Flawless Transition Between Tablet and Desktop Mode


In response to the increasing growth of the tablet and 2-in-1 hybrid market, Microsoft is offering a feature called Continuum that allows users to switch back and forth between the two different modes. The tablet mode automatically kicks in as soon as one hinges the keyboard out of their hybrid machine, and begins to support touch as the primary input.

5. Virtual Desktops

Over some time, some of the more sophisticated Mac users have discovered the ability to switch among several virtual desktops useful. Finally, Windows 10 also found its way to bring this capability to Microsoft’s desktop operating system. You may also find this feature easy to use — by simply clicking on the task-switching icon next to the Cortana search box in the taskbar.

6. Cortana


Google and Apple have made big steps in voice control on their mobile platforms. By all accounts Microsoft has kept up with Cortana, the Windows Phone 7 voice assistant named after the artificial intelligence from the Halo game series. Cortana will be so central to Microsoft’s new operating system that some laptop brands like Toshiba is planning to include a Cortana button on some upcoming laptops.

Cortana can handle standard web searches and contextual information easily. Cortana also has access to your personal information in Microsoft’s connected services (if you allow it), and can perform basic PC actions from voice commands. In addition to that, Cortana will be available on Windows 10 for mobile phones when it launches, and eventually on the Xbox One, iOS, and Android.

These are just a few of the more visible enhancements on the new Windows 10. You can really maximize the full potential of the new OS if you pair it with a phone running Microsoft software and a shiny, new Xbox One console, which will be able to stream games directly to Windows 10 computers via its own app.

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