With the release of the new MacBook Pros, which happen to be slimmer and more powerful than the Air, it seemed like that the latter has met its final days when Apple decided not to refresh its line. However, there are some retail stores that still sell obsolete products, so it’s no surprise if one would still find these not-so-old MacBook Airs for sale.

But what features does this laptop have that makes it still worthy to buy? Here are some reasons why it still deserves your hard-earned money.

It’s Under $1,000

The cheapest new MacBook Air starts at $1,499, while you can get the 13-inch MacBook Air for $999. Since the average laptop sells for around $650, it’s clear that most people prefer not to spend more than $1,500 for a laptop.

 MacBook Air

So if you really can’t afford to buy a Pro, but still want to have that Mac platform, then the cheaper MacBook Air is the best choice you can have.

It Has Longer Battery Life

Based on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, the 13-inch Air lasted for a full 14 hours while continuously surfing over Wi-Fi connection. That should be the best battery life you could get from a laptop that’s less than $1,000. The 12-inch MacBook also did a fair job, lasting about 9 hours and 38 minutes.

It Has Regular USB Ports

 MacBookAir USB Port

Current-generation MacBooks only have Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports. Thinking of the benefits these new ports can offer now and in the future, we can’t deny that most peripherals still use the old, square USB Type-A connector. So instead of buying a raft of dongles, adapters, and new peripherals, users of the MacBook Air can easily connect with their dual USB 3.0 ports.

It Has an SD Card Slot

If you take pictures using a regular camera and would like to transfer those shots to your laptop, that would be a challenge for the new MacBook Pro. You will need to use a card reader or attach a USB cable from your camera to the laptop. The good ol’ SD card slot of the MacBook Air would still serve you good for cases like this, since it’s just plug and play.

MagSafe Connector

 MagSafe Connector

All of the new Macs charge via USB Type-C/Thunderbolt 3, which is awesome because it means they can send power, data, and video over a single connection. But, if you’re using your laptop in the living room and your toddler suddenly trips over or intentionally pulls its power cable, your $1,500 could come crashing to the floor.

The MacBook Air uses Apple’s old MagSafe power connector, which is made to detach when someone puts pressure on the wire. So, if you accidentally give the MagSafe a tag, it will just safely snap out, instead of bringing your entire notebook down.


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