With all the loud noises that new, faster, and mightier gears are making all over the market world, it’s not always a bright idea to just trash your old and stained computer and get the freshest one you can possibly get your hands on.

While hardcore gamers and video editors always claim that getting the newest PC will surely keep them at par with the latest technologies and trends, more casual PC users doesn’t have to do the same and just stick with the one that they already own. So why does it make sense? Here are the reasons why we said so.

Your Old PC Still Works Fine

Honestly, you don’t actually need loads of horsepower in order to perform most of the computing tasks that you need. Using your old and plain computer, you can still stream 1080p videos, sling email, and run through Office documents without a sweat. Here’s another thing to consider — increases in processor performance have not gained so significantly over the years. Before, CPU performance upgrades could increase by over 30 percent year after year. However, in the past decade, that increase have gone dramatically slow. Today, processors tend to have increased by only 5 to 10 percent compared to their predecessors, while clock speeds have largely remained stagnant.

According to Linley Gwennap, principal analyst at the Linley Group, “You can hold onto your PC five, six years with no problem. Yeah, it might be a little slow, but not enough to really show up [in everyday use].”

You Can Still Boost the Speed of Your Old PC

It’s impossible to say that PCs don’t slow down over a period of time because they all do. But when they do show the signs of slowing down, you can count on the crappy software or an unstable Windows installation that somehow messed up after years of usage. There are many ways to make your PC run faster without having to shell out any cash from your pocket. But if you’re willing to spend a little, it may also be a good move to make some low-cost hardware upgrades to put some pep back to your aging computer.

Check out some common causes why your computer slows down and how you can fix those issues. Once you have tried these, you will notice that your PC will perform faster than it was before.

Linux is Lighter

If your aging computer is running on Windows XP, and since that system passed away a year ago, that shouldn’t be a reason why you should kill your old PC as well. Older Windows XP systems might not meet the system requirements to upgrade to the most recent Windows version, but Linux demands far less from hardware requirements. Actually, there are numerous Linux distributions that are designed to be lightweight enough to be kind on aging computers. So before you shell out your hard-earned cash to get a new PC, check out how you can replace your retiring XP computer with a Linux system.

Setting Up a New PC Can Be a Hassle

For computer nerds, setting up one is fun and exciting, but for everybody else, it can be such a pain in the neck. Having to endure the tasks of clearing out pre-installed bloatware and setting up a new PC the right way is fairly straightforward but will take a significant amount of your time. The fact that bloatware are becoming hazardous to users nowadays, you can never afford to skip this step and just live with all the junk inside your PC, even if it has ample storage space and hardware horsepower.

It’s understandable if you really need to get a new PC as a requirement for your work tools, but it’s not worth all the hassle of doing so if you just plainly want to upgrade and get the much performance increase that you want to see and experience.

New PCs Cost a Fortune

Even for those downright cheap computers in the market today can still cost you a lot of money. So before splurging on a computer model that the store guy has been trying hard to convince you to get, consider a suggestion or two from this article and ask yourself — do you really need to get a new computer? Or you just want one so that you can be in the trend at the moment? If you’re just using your computer to access the Internet and simply browse sites, we could safely say that it would be better if you’ll just keep your money in your pockets in the meantime.

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