Like any other machine, a computer is far from perfect and will slow down with age. Each time you install a program, bits of it are scattered all over your system, and the end result is a slower computer.

Usually after a year or more, computers tend to feel sort of clogged up and sluggish. Of course, the hardware inside isn’t necessarily degraded – they’re still as capable as the day you purchased your computer – so often it’s the programs or software that is to blame. This can even apply to programs that have been uninstalled that leave traces of themselves behind like litter left around a picnic ground.

Naturally, the primary method of speeding up a system is to clean it thoroughly. Remove what you don’t need and the litter left behind and you remove the time wasting of the system looking for things it will never find.

But the question here is, does your computer need those third-party software that advertise that they can speed up your computer by cleaning it up? The truthful answer is no. Yes, your computer may regularly need to be cleaned out of junk and software, but no, it doesn’t need other software because your computer has enough built-in cleaning tools.

It’s true that over time all computer hard drives accumulate all kinds of things that slow down the computer. Often, regular maintenance and optimization even just once every 2 months will get your computer running properly again. Of course, if your computer is struggling to meet the system requirements for your OS or apps, then that’s the job for additional RAM or changing your hard disk to an SSD. However, if the slow computer problem is software related, you don’t need those third-party optimizing software just to clean up your computer.

It’s worth noting that you can do everything that third-party PC optimization software do yourself using your computer’s built-in system maintenance tools. Yes, maintenance and optimizing is time consuming, but it beats a slow computer any time.

At best, most optimizing programs do little to nothing, while others are simply outright scams. Again, there’s nothing your built-in system maintenance tools can do that third-party software can do better. So, why spend money on software that may only give false promises when you already have free built-in optimizing tools?

And let’s get something straight: files just sitting around not being used don’t have a negative impact on the speed or performance of a computer at all. That also goes for the myth that the registry is a performance bottleneck. What makes all these slow down your computer is when unused files and un-cleaned registry add up through the years to the point that your hard disk turns red. Again, regular system maintenance and optimization using your built-in system tools is more than enough.

We also do advise to install better hardware or to perform fewer tasks at a time and to open fewer websites on your browser at a time in order not to slow down your computer.


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