As with any type of electronic or electrical of equipment, making sure your computer is regularly cleaned and checked is a great way to maintain and extend its working life. Regular cleaning at least once every two or three months can help prevent your computer from overheating, help your computer run better, and it also makes it nicer to look at. Before you jump straight in and pull your machine apart, you will first need to gather a few things to enable you to clean your desktop hardware effectively:

  • Air duster or air blower or a can of compressed air (There are inexpensive electrical air blowers available so you you’re not always buying cans of compressed air)
  • An unused size 24 or 26 paintbrush or a computer cleaning brush (if one is available in a computer or electronic shop)
  • A straight edge screwdriver and a star screwdriver
  • A microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Computer cleaning fluid (mostly available in any computer or electronic shop)

First, turn off your computer and unplug it from the power source. Disconnect all peripherals and accessories that may be plugged in to your machine. Place your CPU on a cleaning table away from your work table so dust won’t transfer to the table, keyboard, mouse, UPS, etc.

Using the screwdriver, undo the bolts holding the side panels of your case onto the main body and remove the side panels of your desktop case to expose the components inside. Some CPU cases do not use bolts to hold their sides on. In this case, use whatever normal methods you would use to remove the panels from your machine and expose the internal computer components.

Use the computer brush or paint brush to loosen dust from all the computer components inside. Take particular care when brushing the motherboard and other sensitive parts. Pay close attention to make sure no cables come loose while dusting. Dust off the blades of the fans as the dust will stick to fan blades even if using a blower.

After this, use the blower or canned air duster to blow out all the dust inside the CPU. Don’t use constant air blowing, but rather, short bursts to drive out the dust. The short bursts will ensure that components and cables don’t come loose. Dust off one more time give everything a once over with the blower to remove any remaining dust.

Put the side covers back on and screw them back into place. Wipe down the outside of the CPU and leave for about 5 minutes before reattaching all of your peripherals, reconnecting your computer, and powering it up. Do clean the keyboard and mouse, using the blower to clean out the keyboard.


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