It happens to the best of us — you’re all ready to go out or you’re in a hurry when you suddenly noticed that your phone is only charged at ten percent. Since that amount of energy isn’t going to get you very far, how can you get the maximum amount of power in so little time? The tips below will help your smartphone charge faster in that small amount of time you have to spare.

Use the Correct Outlet

Just because Android chargers are universal doesn’t mean that they are all the same. Connecting your smartphone to your laptop to charge idea is not really a good idea since they do not give out enough power to charge your phone at a fast pace. The recommended thing to do is to charge it through an outlet with the charger it came with, this will ensure that your smartphone will get the maximum amount of power.

Remember that your smartphone’s Fast Charge feature doesn’t mean that the charger it comes with will deliver that kind of juice. For instance, the LG G4 that features Fast Charge doesn’t come with the appropriate charger. If you’re in a hurry, don’t charge your phone wirelessly since that never charges your phone as fast as an old-fashioned cable.

Activate Airplane Mode

The more things your smartphone has to do while it is charging, the more time it will take to charge. By turning Airplane Mode on, you will not be able to receive or make calls nor use the Internet or 4G. By putting your phone in Airplane Mode, it will disable everything that keeps it from charging quickly.

Turn Your Phone Off

If you are currently not doing anything with your phone, it will also be better if you can turn it off in order to charge it faster. You only have to sacrifice a little amount of time and you’ll realize that it’s worth turning off because it will shorten the charging time. By turning off your phone, all the energy goes to charging your phone and not lighting up the phone’s display or running any background apps.

Turn Off Unnecessary Services

Before you plug in your phone, make sure that services like GPS, Bluetooth, Push Notifications, NFC, and Wi-Fi are turned off. Never allow your phone to update apps automatically or make backups. Also, avoid touching the phone’s display every now and then since this action will also reduce your phone’s battery.

Use a Reliable Cable

In order to achieve the best charging results, always use the USB cable that came with your phone. If you use those cheap imitations (or those with thin cables), there is a possibility that they may not transmit the maximum amount of energy, and your device will charge much slower.

Unplug Your Phone Once the Battery Reaches 100%

Keeping your smartphone plugged in even if it’s already reached 100% is something we have done at one point in time. You might think that by keeping it plugged in will help keep more battery power, but doing this will impact your battery in a negative way. This will actually hurt your device’s battery in the long run and will affect how fast it will charge. Once it reaches full level, unplug it, and it won’t hurt at all if it doesn’t even reach 100% since high voltage stresses your phone’s battery.


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