This one should be a no-brainer, except, we need to dare say this, many computer users know little about their machine, even if they know how to use it.

Unfortunately, many people who own and use a computer call on the wrong person when a problem occurs with their machine. To save on money, or simply so as not to spend a dime, they call on other computer users they think know more about computers. These are the people who usually call on their sibling, cousin, best friend, neighbor, uncle, or just about anyone they think knows more about computers than they do. And thinking that they can get their computer fixed for free, chances are, nothing gets fixed instead.

It’s important for people to know the right person to ask for help when it comes to fixing computers.

Anyone who graduates from any computer course – IT, programming, web development, system administration – will always know the basics of computer hardware. But just knowing the basics is not a guarantee they can fix any computer, whether on the software or hardware side. The person you’re looking for is called a computer technician. Sometimes, these technicians are also computer engineers. They are also called technical support professionals or simply tech support. Emphasis on the word “professional” because these are the people who went to college to learn nothing but hardware and software and how to fix them, and upon graduating, they still needed to pass a battery of examinations in order to qualify for a license. In short, they are truly professional tech support even before they start working for a technical support company, and they have the license to show for it.

Tech support professionals love fixing computers, and so love their job. To be sure, technical computer support is a dirty but specialized job; they will always be blamed for any incidental or future issue, even if the computer user is a novice in this particular area. Sometimes, tech support is a thankless job because when things get fixed, people think nothing of it, but when the computer fails again, it’s the tech support’s fault.

So, why do web developers, programmers, or system administrators get annoyed when people ask them to fix their computers?

The simple answer to the above is that it devalues their being a computer science professional. It devalues and neglects the fact that asking a computer science professional (and not a tech support professional) is like asking a surgeon advice about your indigestion. Or you don’t ask a lawyer about law enforcement tactics. This would be downright ignorant and disrespectful.

To get your computer fixed, you need to engage the correct professional, and engage the appropriately trained and skilled professional and pay the appropriate compensation to build a functional relationship that is always associated with your computer.

Remember that there is no such thing as “just fixing a computer.” Either you fully fix it because a professional can, or not. Or as the great Yoda once said, “You either do or do not, there is no try.”

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