IT Support for your company or small business in most cases is provided based on terms and conditions defined in an IT Support Agreement, which is signed upon the start of the service. A good IT Support provider will clearly state in any agreements what they are going to provide and how they are going to provide it. Many times additional services provided are a la carte on a monthly basis. Be aware of what your Agreement includes and what services you are locked into for the Agreement term. If you are currently paying a company to look after your Technology, you should be able to assess whether they are doing a good job by reviewing the service or services based on a number of factors.

Monitor the Support You are Using

To ensure you can assess the service properly, you should keep track of how your IT Service provider responds to your support calls. Monitor how long it takes for them to respond and how long it takes them to resolve any given issue. Many support companies will define Service Level Agreements (SLAs) when the service starts but will not always stick to them. Good IT Support companies will provide a client web portal that can be used to track all requests. Included should be time spent to troubleshoot and resolve any given issue. It would also be beneficial for you to monitor the issues that your support company is dealing with and how often they are occurring. Many support companies will paint a false picture of the IT system they think you should see, rather than the actual state of the system. Issues may have been around for months or even longer. Recurring issues are very telling. These recurring issues are typically part of something much greater. Instead of band-aiding a problem, the Provider should be going to the source. If the problem cannot be resolved, then recommendations should be made.

Are They Pro-Active?

You should be able to see evidence that your support company is monitoring your system (if that service is available and you are subscribed to it), rather than simply responding to the problems which you report to them. Has your IT support company ever called you to report an issue before you have called them? If they haven’t, it is safe to say that they are not proactively monitoring your system and therefore are providing you with an out of date form of IT support. It is highly recommended that you subscribe to a monitoring service if you have not already. Most times it is unnecessary to actively monitor workstations and peripherals since your data resides on a server or cloud solution. Monitoring workstations and peripherals can greatly add to monthly costs and provides little assistance when an issue arises. Monitoring Windows Updates and anti-virus definitions is something however that should be monitored routinely. A growing number of companies utilize virtual desktop technology. Although this is a great system to subscribe to for various reasons including up-time, reliability, redundancy and cost-savings, choosing the right provider can be difficult. If you are looking to migrate to the cloud, ask questions, tour the datacenter, and learn about the security level of such as solution.

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