Along with tons of awesome features, iOS 8 came out providing more powerful photo editing, more convenient voice message editing, more intelligent keyboard typing, and healthy track. It even opens to third-party apps, and enables to integrate Touch ID with some apps. Being able to make use of these useful features will definitely bring friendlier and more useful iOS experience.

But wait, there’s more! Surprisingly, here are some other useful tips and tricks every iOS 8 user should know — that is, as soon as possible.

1. Buy Songs via Siri

As you know, iOS 8 enables Siri to listen to the song that is playing and recognize it via Shazam. And that’s not all — now, Siri offers a link where it can buy the song from iTunes Store for you. This goes to show that Siri is not only convenient, but intellectual as well.

2. FaceTime Call Waiting


A new face lift is given to FaceTime in iOS 8, and that is the call waiting feature. So if you’re currently busy on FaceTime with your friends, you now have the option to either reject an incoming call or end your current call to receive the new one.

3. Search Using DuckDuckGo

Are you fed up with Google always tracking your searches? Well, there’s another choice. iOS 8 introduces DuckDuckGo, which protects your privacy to its extreme. To use it, you just need to go to Settings, then go to Safari, then go to Search Engine > then set DuckDuckGo as your device’s default search engine.

4. Travel Time Notifications

Don’t know how long will it take for you to reach your destination? Or how will you get to your appointment? iOS 8 gives you an answer on the calendar, so you don’t overbook. This way, your trips are more convenient and less hassle.

5. Rearrange the Share Icons


Want to share interesting or funny photos with your friends, but the share icons are too many? The new iOS now gives you the power to rearrange the share icons to any placement just by tapping, holding, and dragging.

6. Medical ID by the Health App

This may be the smartest update of iOS 8 — a feature called Medical ID. Found in the new Health app, the Medical ID feature is now required by iOS 8, which means there’s no way you can delete it from your phone. It’s simply a spot where you can fill in some important information about yourself — this includes your allergies, medications, blood type, vital stats, medical conditions, and emergency contacts that emergency medical services (EMS) might need in case of emergency. If you allow it in the app, anyone can access it, even if your iPhone is locked with a fingerprint. On the login screen with the number pad, anyone can go to the Emergency link, either to make a 9-1-1 call, or to tap Medical ID to obtain your info.

Rest assured that your healthcare provider will appreciate your simple effort of filling it up.

7. Double Tap to Go to Your Recent/Favorite Contacts

Double tapping your iPhone’s home button brings up the App Switcher, a list of your current running or “multitasking” apps — swipe them upwards and away to close the app. The double tap action also displays your most recent contacts at the top; you can view your Favorite contacts by swiping the contacts to the right. Tap the contact’s icon if you want to make a call, send a message, or contact via FaceTime.

Now, here’s a small glitch on this feature when it comes to recent contacts. If you have one visible that you don’t want to appear up there — for example, your annoying colleague — it’ll still show up even if you have already deleted your last conversation or all voicemails or all evidence of their calls. You can shut off either the Favorites or the Recents by going to Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then Show in App Switcher.

8. Lunar Calendar Support

If you’re Chinese, you’ll surely love this cool feature. iOS 8 brings the Lunar calendar support for you. Now, you’ll be able to pay close attention to all the Chinese traditional holidays, Chinese birthday, and make arrangement in advance. To use the Lunar calendar, head to Settings, then go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, go to CALENDARS section, go to Alternative Calendars, then tick Chinese.

9. Send Multiple Photos and/or Videos via Message


When you’re in the Messages app, tap the camera icon. You still have the option to take a photo or video immediately — but you can also click Photo Library, then select a bunch of images/videos to attach, and then you can send all of them at once, instead of going through the traditional one-at-a-time way.

10. Time-Lapse Video Shots

The opposite of Slo-Mo, which debuted with the iPhone 5 and iOS 7, is Time Lapse (which is now possible on iPhone 5 on up with iOS 8). That’s the ability to take a really long video and compress it down to just a few seconds. The new video option can be accessed by opening the Camera app and swiping right to the end. You don’t have the option to control the speed that much, as iOS tries to pick the perfect duration for you. So a 10-minute video might come out displaying 2 frames from every second; totaling 15x in speed; an 80-minute video might show only 1 frame every 4 seconds, or 120x. All output is made with the goal of a 15- to 40-second video clip suitable for sharing.

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  1. Rami Alloush says:

    If I got a call while I’m busy with another call (call waiting, normal not facetime) can I reject that incoming call ?

    • Jenn says:

      Not sure if this works but try pressing the sleep/wake button twice when you receive an incoming call.

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