Do you know that Google Play offers more than letting you download and install apps? For instance, do you know that Google Play also gives you an option to recover apps that you uninstalled? Read on to know more stuffs Google Play can offer to its users like refunding an app, setting a parental lock, search for an app by the developer, and so on.

Recovering Uninstalled Apps

Recovering an uninstalled app is a pretty straightforward thing to do in Google Play. To get an app back, open Google Play and tap on the hamburger icon. Select My app & games and then go to the Library tab. That’s where you’re going to see all the apps you’ve previously installed. To recover an app, merely select it and install it.


Getting a Refund on Google Play

Below are the valid reasons why Google Play will give you a refund:

  • Your child bought the app without your permission
  • What you bought doesn’t work or you never got it
  • You changed your mind

To return the app, go to Settings > My Account > Installed. Tap on the app you want to return and tap on Refund. Take note that this is what Google usually does, but they get the last word.

How much time do you have to return the app?

If you bought the app from Google Play Book, Music, or Movies & TV, you have seven days for most countries. You can only return these kinds of apps if you haven’t used the app. For all other apps, you have two hours before the refund window is closed.

Password-Protecting Google Play

To restrict your children from making any unwanted purchases, it’s recommended to add a pin to the Google Play app. You can do this by going to the app’s settings and scrolling down until you see the Parental Control option.

Toggle it to On, and it will ask you to introduce a pin. Don’t forget to also set the age limit for the apps kids can install. With the music option, you can restrict kids from installing any apps with explicit content.


Finding Apps From a Specific Developer

If you have a favorite or trusted app developer, you can find his or her apps by using the “pub:developer’s name” filter. Google Play will then show you a list of apps from that particular developer only.


Creating a Google Play Wishlist

Adding a wishlist can either be for free or paid apps. Maybe you want to wait to see if the app goes on sale, or you want to wait until the app is enhanced.

You can add an app to your wishlist by tapping on the bookmark icon on the app you want to install. This will automatically add the app to your wish list.


Preventing Apps from Auto-Updating

It’s possible to either prevent all apps from auto-updating or only limit certain apps. To prevent all apps from updating, go to Google Play’s Settings and then tap on the Auto-update apps option. Tap on the first option, which should be Do not auto-update apps.

To stop a particular app from updating, go to the app in question. Tap on the three vertical dots on the top-right and then uncheck the Auto-update box.


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