Every business wants to have happy and satisfied customers. Aside from bringing in more income, but also because having an irate customer can do damages to your business. Based on a reliable study, a dissatisfied customer will tell between 9 and 15 people about their experience. About 13% of dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people about the bad customer service that they had.

Now, thinking of it, that’s not a number every small business owner would like to gamble with. Check out these 5 simple ways on how you can instantly improve your customer service. Following these tips will result in repeat business and an increase in sales.

1. Start Listening

If you’re not already tuned in to what’s being said about your brand online, now’s the perfect time to do it. Whether they’re saying good things about you or complaining loudly, it’s a conversation you must be involved in. Twitter, Facebook, blogs and review sites like Yelp are sounding boards that your customers are using, so dive in and hear what’s being said.

2. Stop Selling

Ideally, your duty as a company isn’t to make more sales. It’s to address and solve your customers’ problems. For example, if a lady customer walks in and wants to find a wedding dress in the quickest time possible, your salesperson’s job is to find her one that’s perfect for her quickly. By shifting the mentality of your business to being helpful rather than just aiming for the kill (sale), you put the customer at ease since he/she won’t feel pressured into a sale that she may not want to make) and eventually you make the sale anyway.

3. Customer Service is Everyone’s Responsibility

Regardless of your position within the company — a sales guy, marketing manager, or the CEO, customer service should always be a part of your job description. It can be frustrating how job roles can be segmented in a business: the salesperson makes the sale and then hands over the customer to customer service. But then that customer feels comfortable with the salesperson. Try the approach being as helpful as you can, even if the role is already out of your scope. Everyone should think that they’re all in this together; to make the customer feel happy and satisfied.

4. Be Authentic

Customers don’t usually like a lot of marketing jargon shoved down their throats. They’re looking for genuine relationships with brands they can trust. Provide them value through your interactions on social media, your site, and your blog. It is best to create useful and interesting content that they can use and share. It’s important to be human as possible as you can be; nobody wants to interact with robots.

5. Be in as Many Places as Possible

It is essentially important for every customer to be able to reach out to you about any issue. Are you available thru phone, email, Twitter, chat, and Facebook for any customer-related concerns? Honestly, you should be almost at all times. However, don’t take on more than you can handle; don’t post your email address for support if you don’t have enough staff to manage the account. Aim for super fast response time to exceed the customers’ expectations.


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