Importance of software updates

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to update your software. And if you choose to ignore these updates, the consequences can be disastrous. Whether it’s an update for your OS, an update for Adobe Flash, or an update for your Internet browser, updates do more than just give you cool features or the latest shiny buttons.

Updates are concerned with making software run more smoothly and protecting it against weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Take for instance operating systems which are large and complex; they must always be updated lest weaknesses be discovered by exterior attackers. The reality is that no software is 100% secure when it is created and commercially distributed so it needs a continuous stream of updates to fix problems and other holes.

When vulnerabilities are discovered, the software developers usually release an update called a patch. These “security patches” are very important and need to be installed as soon as they are received. If they are ignored it opens the computer to cyber-criminal compromises because of the “un-patched” vulnerability. This becomes dangerous because the vulnerability can then be exploited by hackers who don’t need to use Internet scams for you to do something wrong; they simply exploit this unsecured hole to get into your computer.

Users should never ignore any software updates, especially if it involves the OS or operating system or else…

It becomes a security breach

If you don’t install software updates, you risk security breaches of all kinds. Hackers are good at discovering holes in all software, so patches are needed to close off these holes. Of course, some vulnerabilities are discovered by hackers before the developer finds them. This is what the security industry calls a “zero-day exploit.” This means the software developer had zero days to come up with a security patch to fix the vulnerability. However these are quite rare.

Bugs can’t be patched up

After releasing software, developers and vendors will occasionally discover flaws in their code that expose themselves only in very specific scenarios. To fix up these flaws, developers will release updates or patches that need to be evaluated and applied as required. If you are not updating your system regularly, you could experience an interruption of service especially from your OS.

However, take note that once you recognize the importance of updates for maintenance purposes, one more challenge is that not every one of the fixes, patches, and upgrades is applicable or appropriate for your systems. For instance, some Microsoft updates involve installing different languages aside from English for the OS. This is not necessary if you are already using English as your main operating language.


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