It’s a very familiar situation for a lot of people: Something goes wrong with the computer, so the user attempts to fix it, even if they don’t know what the problem is, and most certainly don’t know what they’re doing. In the end, they cause more damage than the original problem that occurred.

Common sense or logic will always dictate that if you’re not tech savvy, then you can’t do any DIY fixing yourself, no matter how many YouTube videos you watch. You only end up causing more damage.

Here’s logic for you: You’re not a mechanic, and your knowledge of car engines and electronics are basic at best. Then your car breaks down, so, you certainly won’t start taking the engine apart to look for the problem, will you? You don’t even know what the problem is, so you do the best thing that is logical, you call your local mechanic.

Logically, the same thing applies with computers. What users should do is to simply leave their computer alone, and call a professional technical support company to check out your computer. Chances are, the problem is very minimal, and the problem is solved in no time.

And remember, we’re only talking about your desktop computers, something that seems to attract a lot of DIY know-it-alls because it’s so easy to open. But today, you have laptops and tablets that are more sophisticated and carry more minute components compared to a desktop. So if you decide to repair a laptop or tablet yourself, then you’re taking a big risk especially if you don’t have any idea of what you’re doing. Time and again, professional computer and technical support personnel have seen it all; a small problem with a small component is confounded by the user and the gadget ends up with a cracked screen or broken component. It becomes costly to the user because now, more components need to be replaced.

Again, logic dictates; even if you’re able to fix small problems on your desktop, it’s not the same when opening up a laptop or tablet. So the best and only thing you can do is to call your professional computer tech support company. The bottom line here is that if anything really serious is affecting your computer, and only the pros can spot this, then at least they have the ability to save your precious documents, vital office manuals, videos, photos, and music.

Now, if you’re as hard headed as we know you are, and pride takes over, please know when something is completely over your head. It’s called skill levels. Professional computer technicians had to go through virtually hundreds of skill levels beginning at school until they applied for their licenses. So, if you’re dependent on all those step-by-step YouTube DIY computer repair tutorials, think a million times again. Video tutorials usually only serve as guides. They have no capacity to measure your skill levels, and you don’t even know what skill level a tutorial is teaching either.

Once again, please use your logic. If anything, no matter how minutely small it is, goes wrong with your desktop, laptop, tablet (and let’s add your smartphone as well), please pick up the phone and call a professional.

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