If you’ve ever experienced, or if you’re really careful, if you’ve heard of someone experiencing the same problem or issue occurring again after a computer was just recently fixed, then we can only say that this user wasn’t being careful enough. It’s one thing to say that “curiosity killed the cat” but when a computer user repeats doing something that caused a problem for the computer, then this may be construed as borderline stupidity. Remember that a computer cost you money, and often is a lifetime either for work, in a business, or for important personal use, so it does pay to be extra careful so the same problem doesn’t occur again, especially not right after the computer was just fixed.

Never ignore the advice of your tech support

Most problems that occur again right after a computer is fixed happen because the user forgot – or ignored – the advice of the tech support guy. Let’s face facts; you pay a monthly package fee for IT or tech support, so it makes no sense that you don’t pay attention to the tech support guy. Tech support personnel are often college or short course graduates and are either licensed or certified. They are all well trained and with vast experience before being hired, so there’s no reason not to listen attentively to them. In short, if your tech support guy says “don’t click this again,” don’t, just don’t click.

Remember what you did before the problem occurred

Chances are you did something wrong, opened the wrong site, clicked the wrong button, or the like, just before the problem occurred. Of course there are exceptions, like the blue screen of death which is entirely the fault of no one. Regardless, it pays to remember what you did just before a problem happens because tech support personnel will be asking this question. If you were responsible for the problem, it pays to remember what you did wrong so you don’t do it again.

Don’t be lazy to clean your computer regularly

Some problems like sudden shut downs may occur because the inside of the computer is so dusty that the internal fans aren’t working properly anymore. Also, the dust that collects makes the inside of any computer become hotter. When the computer overheats its defense mechanism is to shut down automatically to cool down. If this was your problem before then the next time be sure to regularly clean your computer inside and out.

Even computers need to rest, so don’t overuse it

If you keep your computer running 24/7, then you’re courting trouble with every conceivable computer problem with both the hardware and software. Like any machine, even a computer needs to rest and cool down. If you keep it running non-stop, even in idle, then chances are it will break down at one point. Now, it’s one thing to have tech support that can repair the problem, but it’s another when you do the same mistake after getting your computer fixed. You might as well throw a monkey wrench into your computer.


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