The Sony PlayStation 4 includes a stand-alone motion-sensing camera, which you can use to play certain games, sign in to your profile, and access other features of the console. But in order for you to use the console’s camera, you need to add your face data to the camera and here’s how to do it:

First thing you need to do is to create a profile for your PS4. Click here if you need assistance on how to do it. If you have already set up one, the Add Face Data screen will appear on your TV screen. This will allow the camera to record your face in different angles so that it will be able to visualize and store your facial profile. Using your controller, select the Start option, and then stand in front of the console’s camera. The screen will show what the camera currently sees, and it will then automatically try to detect the faces from its surroundings. If in case the camera detects more than one face, select your face using the controller. For the camera to capture the best profile shot, make sure the room is well lit and then stand about 6 feet (2 meters) from the camera. It’s also recommended that most of the room’s lighting is located behind the console’s camera.

After selecting your face, tilt or follow the head movement as shown in the on-screen instruction. The console will first ask you to move your head from side to side, then turn your head, and then make a nodding motion. The camera will capture photos of your face once you have properly performed the movements, which will then be used to create your PS4 profile. Now, select Next to continue.

If you want to improve your facial profile, you can provide additional face data. To do this, go back to the Home screen, select Settings, then select Login Settings, and then choose Face Recognition Management. Adding more face data to your PS4 is ideal after you have added face data, and have it done in a different light setting so that the camera will be able to record your face data from other lighting situations. Select OK once you’re done, and you’re PS4 is now all set! It should be able to easily recognize your face for playing, signing in, and using other features once you connect your controller.


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