Did you know that as much as 29% of IT projects are never completed successfully by any one company? That’s a big loss in terms of client retention, sales, and even prestige. This is because many small or medium enterprises (SME’s) in the IT business make the same project management mistakes over and over. The list of these mistakes unrolls like a ball of yarn, which many IT specialists (or their HR counterparts) fail to address.

The bottom line of project failures with IT companies boils down to not being able to choose the right people to manage the SME’s IT infrastructure, resulting in a lack of adequate planning or breakdowns in communication, simply because the wrong people were hired for jobs that may not be suited to their skills and experience.

1. Select the right resources with the right skills

The bottom line is that not having the right people for the job can kill the job itself, and thereby killing any projects that come with the job. The key to getting projects successfully accomplished is to get the right people with the right skills. All the planning and salaries in the world won’t overcome an insufficiency of talent. IT managers need full visibility during hiring to view the skills and capacity of all their resources-to-be, and this also includes contractors and outsourcers.

2. Make sure to hire a really experienced IT or project manager

You may have the savviest set of IT specialists in your company, but without a really good leader in your IT manager, as the saying goes, it’s like “goats leading the lions into battle.” Don’t just look at the person’s certifications and work experience but take a close look at the projects under his or her belt and how many were done successfully. A good IT or project manager also needs a strong set of soft skills. They need to know how to facilitate meetings, manage risk, and handle a variety of different stakeholders, and be conscious about security and budget concerns.

3. Choose people who won’t ignore problems

Problems don’t solve themselves. They fester the longer you ignore them and ultimately compound the cost of the project. You need to hire the right people who will immediately admit that something is wrong or they did something wrong, and who knows how to fix it. Admitting to the failure and quickly being able to engage its fixing is critical to the company itself.

4. Choose people who can plan around “Murphy’s Law” or go around it

“Murphy’s Law” means stuff happens (sometimes termed as s–t happens), and when IT gets surprised by it, everything goes off track while IT tries to clean up the mess it didn’t anticipate. You need to choose the right people who can perform risk assessment as part of the project planning. These people should know how to brainstorm on what could be the most effective solution in case problems arise during the project.


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