Only some ten years ago, technology was undergoing some rapid changes that people never knew would change human lifestyles in less than a decade. While the Internet and mobile phones were already around, no one even got inkling that mobile technology would impact human lifestyles so much that it has found its way into practically every aspect of our daily lives.


This aspect used to involve a favorite department store. Today, nearly all types of purchases, and not just for purposes of shopping, can be done from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. E-commerce has soared to new heights for businesses.


A couple of decades ago, the process of paying a bill involved a billing statement and going to the office to give the payment to the cashier. Today, online banking and about half the population of developed countries pay their bills online. One can even apply for a credit card or any collateral title loan or even a car loan online, something unheard of as recently as 2001.


Remember the days when the “hot off the press news” was available only through printed newspapers, the radio in your car or office, or on the 6 o’clock evening news on TV. Today, you can get news at a click of a button, and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. And not only from news stations, but even from newspaper and magazine content that can be accessed online. Of course, with today’s social media, people can react and even post their own news or share news items from other sources.

Personal Communication

Communication before meant calling and texting using mobile phones. Today, it even encompasses taking and posting photos, streaming movies and videos, playing online games, and even having GPS on demand. Unlike immobile landlines, smartphones and other mobile technology has given humans the freedom to do almost whatever they want and whenever they want. Video chatting has become such a reality that one doesn’t even need an office anymore to work.


Information before meant watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading tons of books. Now, information can be searched online easily with a touch of a button and using any search engine. Google has become the most common search engine in the world that some 10 years ago, the company never even saw how their popularity would grow over the last 5 years alone. Of course, for the exchange of information, e-mails and blogs – instead of going obsolete – has grown and improved in leaps and bounds.

Social Networking

Around 10 years ago, a network of people talking about themselves and sharing pictures and videos would sound somewhat narcissistic. However, with today’s technology, this has become a significant part of human lifestyle. First it was Friendster, followed by Myspace, and now Facebook has redefined the way people connect with each other online. And with other social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, etc., it’s clear that this phenomenon will only get bigger.

No matter where we go from here with mobile technology, it’s clear that technology is in nearly every aspect of our lives and that humans might be more dependent with it in the future. As this happens, it’s worth noting that the human experience is changing right in front of our eyes.

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