We usually wonder how the food we take affects our body, and some of us may even come to think if computers or other mobile devices can also affect our health. But since smartphones are quite small in size, we often do not think how this small piece of technology can affect us. As you are reading this, you may already have the impression that this is another plan to sabotage your tech-driven lives. Don’t worry, because this will only give you a bigger picture of how smartphones can affect your health — both in negative and positive ways.

Do You Use Your Mobile Phone in the Bathroom?

Are you in the habit of taking your phone in the bathroom with you? This is an essential question because if your phone touches that porcelain throne, there’s more to it than the possibility of you dropping it into the toilet. According to LiveScience, your phone can contain up to 10 times more bacteria than your toilet. And taking your phone to the toilet with you means swiping the germs that come from it onto your phone screen. That’s about the same amount of bacteria found in kitchen sinks and sponges older than a few days.

However, this information should not worry you at all. If you’re really concerned about the invasion of bacteria on your phone, wipe it with some alcohol to disinfect it.

Prolonged Use of Smartphone Deteriorates Your Posture

Have you heard of the new term called “iPosture?” This term is used to describe the slouchy posture a person can get when looking down on his/her phone for an extended period of time. Technically, this will not actually hurt you in the long term. According to Medical Daily, statistics show that 84% of young adults are experiencing back pain from using their mobile devices. The symptoms arise from people who are sitting in a slouching position while using their gadgets.

The website claims that this can be caused by slouching in general, although mobile device use is also considered as a factor. Slouching among young adults is very common, especially when sitting in front of a computer screen at a desk.

Look at the Bright Side

Not everything about smartphone use is negative. Smartphones, just like any other new technology, will always be plagued with negative impressions as to how it contributes in shortening your life. Some reports may even say that it is actually slowly killing you. Although there are some negative press, there are also some reports that give praise to these small gadgets.

With the help of fitness-related apps that are rapidly growing in numbers, smartphones have somehow brought fitness awareness back into their users’ lives. However, having fitness apps installed and using it are two entirely different things (admit it, there are apps installed on your smartphone that you haven’t actually touched in years!)

Smartphones have indeed improved the way we communicate with each other, but along with these are health consequences that we may suffer or experience as years of mobile phone usage go by. Be sensitive enough to know these health risks and know how to address it the soonest possible time. This way, you can enjoy using your smartphone and other mobile devices in more years to come without the guilt.

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