Not to sound like an advertisement but, when you hire a tech specialist, here are the advantages in a nutshell:

  • Telephone and remote support from Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day, almost 365 days a year (almost because there will always be holidays that even tech support specialists need to take the day off, for instance, Christmas, New Year, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and the like).
  • Language used is plain and simple English.
  • Guaranteed response to web, e-mail, and voice mail technical support calls usually within an hour but should never exceed beyond 24 hours.
  • 24-hour access for any emergency support.

Usually included with technical support also are:

A Knowledge Base with thousands of technical documents, including technical application notes and technical points of interest for the specific OS and software you are using.

Knowledge Base monitor for automatic notification of new information related to your software.

Complete software and hardware configuration information as well as release notes, and answers to installation questions.

In any IT department for any type and size of business, keeping operation and infrastructure costs low is an important efficiency key. Priority on computers here takes place.

When considering the total cost of technical support specialists for your business or company, hiring a computer specialist on a full time basis (of full time on-call basis perhaps) will likely be one of the most profitable solutions for your business. Likewise, the two biggest advantages or benefits of technical support for your business are usually:

Faster Problem Resolution

Most online support usually works by using a remote desktop connection that enables the technician to access the subscriber’s computer from a remote location.

In most cases, the user can just sit back and watch as the technician goes to work correcting the issue. Compared to the traditional talk and walk through method, this method significantly reduces the call time. Customers are impressed with the efficiency of the remote support process.

Call option is still available especially for minor problems that don’t need remote connection for troubleshooting. This type of support is usually the fastest especially when you initiate the call because of sudden minor problem that pops up with a computer or its network. This type of support thus, leads to another advantage:

One Call Resolution

This process allows issues to be fixed right the first time when you call in a problem, usually minor in nature.

Although infrequent, there are times when a problem is a network fix that requires an onsite technician. Using a proactive resolution process and a systematic locating system, trouble patterns among multiple users can easily be detected and a solution can be made before your phone lines are flooded with repeat calls for the same problem.

Another advantage that business proprietors see is that the implementation of a dedicated technical support team professionally hired gives all types of business a great advantage by increasing customer satisfaction, resolving issues more quickly, and eliminating unnecessary callbacks.

Therefore, if your business or company has an innovative product, a flashy and attractive website, a bevy of investors on board, but with a technical support staff consisting of one intern that you spent five minutes training via e-mail, you better think twice. Money invested in hiring a technical support specialist is money well spent.

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