Are you in a really tight budget? Need to monitor your monthly expenses? Having difficulties managing your small business’ billing and files? With the global spread of economic crisis in the past few years, it’s quite hard to determine your financial security in the next couple of years. If your answer is yes to any of the questions mentioned, then you don’t need to work up a sweat in order to accomplish these tasks because there are now lots of apps and programs, some of which are free, that can make the job easier and faster for you. These apps will give you a more visibility and detail of your accounts and spending habits, enabling you to make better decisions to stay within your budget and succeed in your small business endeavors.

Learn how to handle and manage your finances and business transactions wiser with the help of these finance and accounting software designed for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Along with its mobile apps (for iOS and Android), is a free app that allows you to connect to any financial account that you have — from checking, savings, and credit cards to investments, loans, and retirement plans. It also allows you to categorize your spending automatically so that you can see exactly how well or how bad you’re spending your money. The app offers several other features that will help you with your budgeting, become debt-free, and achieve financial achievements in the long run. This great app works on Windows, Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android platforms.

Small Business Workbench

Small Business Workbench is an online solution tool that helps people in managing working-capital and cash-forecasting in their small businesses. It provides multi-faceted tools that lets you track and forecast cash positions. Problems that small businesses face every year such as having too much inventory, unable to collect receivables right away, or unable to manage cash properly can be avoided, enabling them to succeed in their ventures. Small Business Workbench seamlessly synchronizes with online banking data and popular accounting packages that small businesses may already be using, making it easy to keep the cash-forecasting data updated. Another great thing about this tool is its mobility because small business customers can access it anytime from their computers or mobile devices.


Doxo is a free website and service that enables you to back up important family documents, manage household payments, and connect with utility and service providers. This service acts like a filing cabinet that lets you view all your e-statements in just one place — electric and gas providers, cable providers, credit cards, etc. The service is pretty secure because it treats every file you upload as if it has monetary value. The site also contains some pre-populated sections, specifically for connecting with service providers, though you can also create your own folder structures as well. One good feature in the billing and services section is the ability to set a price limit on bills that autopay. If a payment exceeds a certain amount, Doxo will notify you and will ask for your approval before that particular bill gets paid. Doxo is available on iPhone, Android, and for desktop computer use.


Hiveage, an online invoicing and billing tool, offers free and low-cost accounting solutions for small businesses and solopreneurs. This tool is ideal for small companies that have 1-20 employees, giving them opportunities to grow and expand by offering the tools that they need to automate financial chores. Such tasks include sending invoices and payments, accepting online payments, tracking time, expenses and mileage; autobilling and charging subscriptions; as well as managing multiple teams. Hiveage also allows its users to issue billings in multiple currencies, apply discount and shipping choices, and implement regulated taxes. Other features of the service are collaborative billing and detailed reports that provide monthly summaries, financial health checks, and accounts receivable and accounts payable tables to give better visibility of your finances instantly.


Kinda odd for an program name, it actually stands for You Need a Budget. YNAB is a desktop software for Windows and Mac that teaches you how to be more financially responsible. It walks you through on how to make a budget, and explains why you need one at the same time. It also provides video tutorials and classes online, which is very helpful especially to those who are new to personal finance. Unlike, you need to manually record your expenses since the software is locally-based on your computer. You can also check balances and record transactions even when you’re on the go. Install it on as many computers as you need, and what’s cool with it is they all stay up to date, all the time with Cloud Sync. It’s a nice guide for people who prefer to run their finance management offline. You can get YNAB for $60, but you can try it free by downloading its 34 Day Full-Featured Demo.

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