Customer service is a box full of drama. And being a part of it means you have to go through a lot of drama all the time. Showing them your true colors — that is, letting them know if you’re really mad, will not help you get what you want. Check out these few tips to help you survive your customer service experience and still keep your sanity in place.

Know What You Want and Ask for It

It’s surprising how many people actually don’t know what they want. You will come across these types of persons if you’ve been in the customer service industry. They would occupy your space in stores, blabber with you on the phone, or just stare at you as if their decision is right under your nose. If you want something, you need to be firm and ask for it. Avoid being an indecisive person whenever you’re dealing with customer service representatives. If you’re calling to file a complaint, want a better deal, or need a change of service, never hesitate to ask for it. If in case you’re someone who would stutter when somebody picks up the line, do yourself a favor and write down your concern before reaching out to dial some service department.

Always Look for a Human Being

Should you choose to stay home, your mission is to locate a human being before getting lost in a hierarchical menu of options. Generally, human beings are capable of solving your problem. Options most of the time can only increase your anger, perhaps hysteria.

If your menu of options makes use of numbers, press “0” to connect to a representative. If in case you come across with systems that ask for your voice, might as well shout “agent” or “customer service” if a computerized lady voice wants input.

Track, Record, and Use It as Reference

Most of the time, customer service agents are trained to bring you to a whole world of confusion with their tangled web of call flow. To avoid being a lost victim in their systems, you can make your own call log sheet to keep track of agent names, times of calls, and reference/case numbers in one place. This piece of document will save you lots of grief, time, and effort whenever you call customer support — it will also save you from those agents who have the habit of giving customers the runaround.

Recording calls can be useful and is a good practice on your part as a customer, regardless of what the call’s outcome will be. Keeping records or recordings of your issue in case it re-occurs is a sign of a smart consumer.

Establish Rapport With the Rep

We all know that customer service agents are people, too. They also have feelings, having bad days, and dislike dealing with irate or hard customers as much as you dislike dealing with them. So to give you conversation off to a good start, you might want to throw this common question as a response to their scripted game: “Hi, how are you doing today?”

You may not be aware of it but some agents appreciate if you ask them a simple question, like how their day was. Remember, treating your customer service agent like a human being and sharing a few laughs about simple things can make a huge difference on how they will assist you in resolving your concern during that call. Some may even give the extra mile in helping you out with your problem, even if it doesn’t get resolved right away. It’s not that hard, really.

Be Nice and Speak With a Smile

Saying please, thank you, and just try not to be rude can make a big difference, both in life and on the phone. Yes, it can be a great deal to pull off a smile while you’re listening to some crappy hold music, but being a nice person while you’re talking to a customer service rep can do a lot to help you get what you need at the end of the day.

A simple “Thank you” or “Please” will do. It can be a real struggle to do that, especially if you’re at your wits end, but you can be assured that it’s worth the effort.

Prepare for the Next Level

Be prepared to escalate the call to a supervisor if your agent is unhelpful or is unable to resolve your concern. You have the right to demand for higher level if the customer service rep is uncooperative and simply doesn’t have an idea what you’re talking about. However, avoid asking for a supervisor right after the agent gives off his/her opening spiel, unless it’s an ongoing and unresolved issue.

Getting what you want or need from a customer service call is not an impossible task. It can be achieved by having a goal or anticipated result, ask away while being a pleasant customer, and cut a deal if you’re in the market for a discount.

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