There will always be situations or apps that will cause your device to overheat from time to time. That’s why every user should know how to cool down an overheating Android device. The very first thing you need to know is to find where the heat is coming from. This is going to determine where the problem is located, which will help you find the proper solution.

Cool Down Your Android Device with Cooler Master

Cooler Master┬áis an app that helps your Android device cool down when you feel that it’s getting too hot. The first thing you’ll see once you launch the app is the current temperature of your device. Below the temperature info, the app will also inform you of the ARM and CPU percentage. At the very bottom, you should see a button that says Detect Overheating Apps. After tapping that, the app will start scanning your device and will inform you what apps are causing your device to overheat.

Keep Your Android Device in a Cool Place

It is also important to consider the place where you put your device. It will not make any sense if you’re going to put it near your window where it will get direct sunlight. To cool down your device even more, try taking it out of its cover so that the heat will have a chance to escape. This is because some cases have a tendency to keep the heat in.

Update or Uninstall Your Apps

You should also keep your apps updated always because apps always bring bug fixes, and it can correctly fix any problems that were overheating your device. You should also look through your list of apps and decide which ones you haven’t used in a long period of time. Getting rid of unnecessary apps can greatly help you device cool down. Also, if there’s an app you can’t live without and it’s causing you problems, you may want to consider switching to an alternative. With tens of thousands of apps in the Play Store, there is bound to be a better app than the one you’re currently using.

Place Your Device in Front of a Fan

Just like most of us have a base with a built-in fan for our laptops to prevent them from overheating, an Android device will also appreciate some fresh breeze. You might look or feel a little silly for doing this, but it can help your device cool down a bit faster. Try turning it off before placing it in front of the fan to get faster results.

Prevent Your Android Device from Overheating

Now that you know how to cool down your Android device, it’s also equally important to know some points on how to prevent it from happening again on your device. Try to take note of these tips:

  • Take out and inspect your battery from time to time and make sure that it’s not leaking or bloated. Changing your device’s battery every one to two years will increase your device’s life and decrease the chances of overheating.
  • Remove the case when you’re charging it.
  • Disable your device’s unwanted features.
  • Lower your camera settings if they are too high; they can help prevent your phone from overheating.
  • Try not to play games on your device for extended periods of time.


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