Unlike with the release of other iOS versions before, iOS 11 is much more than an iterative update that offers small tweaks and enhancements. The latest version contains a bunch of exciting new features that promises to further improve your iOS experience both on the iPhone and iPad.

So with no time to waste, here are some of the best new features you’ll be expecting to see on the iPad in iOS 11.

Drag and Drop


iOS 11 is, simply far better for multitasking than its predecessors. It could just work as well on the iPhone, should Apple decide to enable it. But until that happens, you can use it inside apps, including Notes, Photos, Files, and anything else that has content that can be dragged and dropped. Even so, it deserves a mention as it could totally transform the way you interact with your iPhone.

Text to Siri

Siri is getting a massive overhaul in iOS 11 as well. It’s going to sound better, and it’ll have new capabilities, such as translating a variety of languages, which can be useful if you’re traveling this summer. But one of the useful features Siri just got is the ability to respond to texts, which will make Googling for stuff even easier, especially when you can’t talk on your phone.

Do Not Disturb While Driving


This is definitely one of the great new features Apple included in iOS 11. Meant to work with CarPlay, the feature prevents distraction while the user is driving. What’s interesting about it is that, if it’s set to work automatically, it’ll prompt you to activate the do not disturb mode even when you’re taking a cab or using public transit. The phone knows you’re moving too fast to be walking and acts accordingly, though you can of course have the option not to enable it if you’re not the driver of the vehicle you’re on.

Three Apps at Once


iOS 9 introduced the split-view multitasking mode, but this year’s update makes it even more powerful. After splitting your screen between two apps, you can check out another one by pulling another onto your screen with the Slide Over app view, which gives you a thin sliver of an app that can be moved either to the left or to the right by dragging it by the bar at the top.

Work Spaces

Before iOS 11, users who took advantage of split-view multi-tasking had to spend time re-splitting their screens if they decided to switch between apps. That’s all to be forgotten, because the newly added work spaces concept keeps your apps paired until you split them up. Which means you can keep Slack and Tweetbot together when you’re being social, as well as Bear and Safari for when you’re writing and researching.

The Dock Comes to the iPad


The Dock, a drawer for apps you want to easily access, first came to us back when macOS was called OS X. Now on the iPad, The Dock is still a convenient way to open an app, but now it’s also used to add a second or third app for multitasking views. The Dock also stores a lot more apps at once, up to 13 of them.

Customized Control Center


iOS no longer limits your Command Center widgets to just calculator, camera, clock, clock and flashlight. Now, you can add buttons for the Apple TV remote, the Notes app and — a new one — screen recording.


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