You have probably come across this page because you either have the Samsung Galaxy S7 or are planning of getting one, so you’re wondering what awesome things this new smartphone can offer and maximize its features to the fullest. It is a fantastic phone that has gained the impression of many because of its jam-packed features that help make lives easier.

Read on and discover what new and smart things the new Samsung Galaxy S7 can really do.

Activate the Always On Display

Have you ever grabbed your S7 just to check the time? The only problem with it is that everytime you do, you’re killing your phone’s battery. The following tip will let you have access to basic information such as the time on your Galaxy S7.

Go to Android Settings, then Display, and then go to Always On Display. From there, you can choose to have the ClockCalendar, or an image. If you decide to have the clock always on, you will see that you have quite a few options. However if you’re choosing an image, you’ll have limited options there.

The ones you can choose from will be based on a black background, to avoid battery drain.

Remove Bloatware

Annoying bloatware seem to be present in all smartphones, and that is including the Samsung Galaxy S7. But good thing you can eliminate some of them, but not all. If you want to free up your phone from some of these annoying bloatware, open the App Drawer, then select the Edit button. Tap on the minus symbol that appears on the upper right corner of the apps icon, then confirm your selection when the pop-up message appears.

Quick Access to Your Most Used Settings

Looking for some settings on your phone which you’re not sure where exactly located can be time consuming. This tip can place the settings you frequently use right at the top for quick and easy access anytime.

To do this, go to your phone’s Settings, then tap Edit at the upper right corner of the screen. From here, you can choose up to nine settings by checking or unchecking the items that you frequently use or don’t.

Enable Fingerprint

To enable fingerprint on the Samsung Galaxy S7, go to Settings, then select Lock Screen and Security. Choose Fingerprints, then tap on Add Fingerprint, and just follow the instructions that you will see on your display.

Control Your Galaxy S7 Edge with One Hand

Having a phone with a big screen is great, but it can be quite difficult to handle with just one hand. In order to make managing your Galaxy S7 Edge easier, try doing this tip: In the main settings, go to Advanced Features. Next, toggle on the One-handed operation, then triple press the home button to activate the feature in the future.

After making this change, you can now control the entire display since the screen will shrink to the right, but you can slide it over to the left thanks to the arrow. In this menu you can also move the keyboard to the side to keep everything within reach.

Quickly Activate Your Camera

To quickly activate the camera of your Samsung Galaxy S7, head to Settings, then go to Advanced Features. Then activate Quick launch camera, and then double tap on the physical home button.



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