After squealing with joy and running stark naked because of sheer excitement (okay, that was a bit exaggerated), it’s starting to sink in that you’re now a proud owner of the HTC One (M8). Yes, with hands still shaking, you begin to fire it up and let yourself drown in pure awesomeness. But before you become dumbfounded of what this new phone can do, you might want to read on and learn the five coolest features you can get with the HTC One (M8).

1. Lock Screen Gestures

The HTC One M8 is anything but small. Its tall display is accompanied with an equally great BoomSound stereo speakers. But with its power still placed at the very top, which makes reaching it becoming a serious task to do. The good news is, HTC now included gestures that will eliminate this troublesome Power button. Like LG’s G2, simply double tap the screen to wake the M8 up. But it came up short versus the G2 because you can’t double tap it to switch it back off.

Other gestures that you can do is to swipe up on the display to go to the Home screen, swipe to the right to launch BlinkFeed, and swipe down to activate your phone’s voice dial feature. Take note that these gestures will only work if the phone display is switched off and that it is portrait orientation.

However, if you’re not a fan of these gestures, you can always disable it by going to Settings, then Display & gestures, and then tap Motion Launch gestures. Now tap to uncheck the Motion Launch gestures box.

2. Themes

What’s great about using an Android gadget is that you can customize it to follow your style and mood. Unfortunately, users would have to root and install custom ROMs in order for them to change details such as the status screen icon. With the HTC One M8, you don’t need to go through all those hassle because of the new Sense 6 UI. To personalize the phone’s look, go to Settings, then Personalize, and then go to Theme.

Here you can choose from various color palettes for your device. This section will enable you to change the accents, menus, BlinkFeed, and other native apps. HTC’s new UI will never leave you bored with your phone ever.

3. Camera App Shortcut

With HTC’s Ultrapixel camera, they also added another great feature to let you capture crisp, high quality pictures super fast. Now, there’s no need to press the Power button or wake up the screen display before you can take a photo. So how does the camera app shortcut work? Simply hold the phone in landscape orientation while the display is off, then hold down the Volume Down key to quickly launch the camera. You’ll be snapping away in no time!

4. Customizable Quick Settings Tiles

Another advantage, and one main reason why users install custom ROMs, is the ability to modify their quick settings tiles. This is the grid of toggles that you can access by pulling down the notification shade using two fingers or by tapping the icon at the top right corner after pulling down the notification.

The HTC One M8 allows its users to control which toggles they want to be displayed, as well as their order of appearances. This can be done by tapping the pencil with a paper icon at the top right corner, where you can drag and drop the list items by tapping and holding the three-horizontal line icon beside it. To rearrange the order, simply move them around to your desired location. To remove a particular quick setting tile, move the item below the HIDDEN ITEMS bar.

This is one great feature that HTC implemented, which should also have been present in other stock phones since quick settings were initially brought in because it adds another type of control and customization for the users.

5. Font Styles

HTC has also provided its users a way to customize the system font, which is great especially for those whose very particular even with how the texts look on their phones. You can switch from M8’s default font style into eitherHelvetica or LCD. You can also download more font styles from the Google Play Store by tapping the GET FONTS ONLINE option.

Not only that, there’s also an option where you can set the font size, which is a useful feature for those users who have difficulty reading small texts. Just go to the phone’s Settings menu, then tap Displays & gestures to try out the different font settings. By the way, changing the font settings will apply to every text area of the phone — from menus to BlinkFeed to icon titles.

The release of the HTC One M8 catapulted the company’s name once again in the smartphone world with its remarkable features. So if you’re looking for a smartphone that provides flexibility and lets you bring out the unique side of you, the HTC One M8 will never disappoint your needs.

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