Every computer user will have a computer problem now and then. All machines will eventually break down due to something faulty, and sometimes the “faulty” can be the user itself. PC problems can be a big headache, will always cost money, and bring any work to a halt. This is why it’s important to know the more common computer problems or issues, what went wrong in the first place, and how to avoid the problem in the future. Coming back full circle, to avoid any problem in the future you need to know the root causes of computer issues.

Computer suddenly shuts down

The root cause of this is simply overheating. Overly dusty fans, poor ventilation, and overusing the PC (or not turning the PC off 24/7) will cause any PC to heat up and computers are designed to automatically shut down when one of its components get too hot. This is a precautionary measure to prevent permanent hardware damage. But the root cause of all this is not regularly cleaning the computer inside and outside. As dust collects inside and thickens, it can cause the internal fans to fail and heat collects better in dusty environments. To prevent this problem, simply clean your computer regularly using a soft PC brush and a can of compressed air.

Computer lockup or freezing

The most common lockup or freezing is the infamous “blue screen of death” as it suddenly halts all programs and displays an error message on a blue screen. It can be caused by a shortage of memory, a bad hardware driver, a RAM going bad, or a failing hard drive. A component or two may even be loose inside. Since the cause is hardware in nature, you need to bring it to the attention of your tech support company. At this juncture, it’s important to listen to your IT support technician and even take notes if necessary. Once everything is replaced or repaired, make sure to keep in mind the cause of what happened so as to avoid any future problems of this nature.

Computer won’t turn on

Unless the user forgot to plug the computer (hey it often happens, an issue that’s commonly laughed at in IT tech support circles), this is a user’s nightmare when they hit the power button and nothing happens. More common problems before have been a dead power supply that can be replaced by your tech support professional. Another similar problem is when the PC turns on but the screen is blank and won’t boot up. Either the boot sector is corrupt or the hard drive is dead, this will also prompt a need to call tech support. Again in these circumstances, once the PC is up and running again, do take note of what your IT professional tells you to avoid problems like this in the future. After all, they are the professionals so you need to listen to them.

Sticky particles and caked up dust in your PC components

Only one thing causes dust to cake and sticky particles to appear on your inside components and this is cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke contains moisture in its particles that is sucked in by the PC fans but isn’t ejected. Instead sticky particles begin forming and dust cakes up. This is very hard to remove so you’ll need to have an IT professional clean out your PC. Avoiding this problem in the future is clear and simple: Stop smoking in front of or near your PC. In fact, don’t smoke in a room with a PC.


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