Storing your files in the cloud offers convenience and ease of access. However, if the files you’re storing in it is sensitive and confidential, then it’s a different story altogether. Due to rampant cybercrimes and advancing technology in hacking, it’s difficult to be confident that your important files stored in the cloud won’t be accessed by unauthorized people. We all know that encryption services are quite costly to avail, and you don’t need to spend extra bucks if it will be for your personal use only. Good thing there are encryption programs that you can use to secure your cloud storage that are definitely free of charge.

So, let’s get to know them one by one, shall we?

Data Locker

Data Locker is a program that lets you easily store your files locally and on to the cloud, allowing you to sync your data across all your devices. It is free, unlimited, and is available to use for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. To use the program, you simply drag and drop the file you want to encrypt onto the application window and Data Locker will encrypt it with a secure passphrase. The encrypted file can then be stored anywhere on your local system or in the Dropbox folder. To be able to decrypt the file from a different device, it will also require to have the Data Locker app.


BoxCryptor is a fast and easy program that is perfect for any cloud service, letting you encrypt individual files instead of whole folders or drives. What’s good about this program is that it encrypts all files locally without having to send it over any third party services. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and EncFS-Linux users (almost everybody) can use this encryption program for free. Signing up for a personal account allows you to encrypt one drive for free and with unlimited storage space. However, should you need to secure more than one drive, BoxCryptor will require you to pay $40 to avail of its unlimited personal account. But, you can settle with the free personal account because you can sync it with as many devices as you want. Cool, right?


Cloudfogger is another fast, easy, and secure way to encrypt your files and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It encrypts data on your local device using an industry-grade encryption standard before it gets uploaded to the cloud. This program not only automatically detects cloud storage providers that are installed on your system, it also allows you to select any other folder on your computer that you want to secure. Cloudfogger also lets you encrypt and decrypt single files via context menu, which can be handy if you only want to protect certain files. You can get the Cloudfogger encryption software for free.

So if you have a habit of storing all your files to the cloud, then you better consider having one of these around to keep your important files secure and away from prying eyes. Always keep in mind that it’s better late than be sorry.

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