With Apple’s OS X 10.10 Yosemite, major features were added such as Continuity, for better cross-device app use, better iCloud syncing, improved Spotlight search, and a more streamlined user interface. With this year’s release of Apple’s new OS X version, users will expect better multitasking, Web surfing, and even improved graphics. Below are the coolest features coming to version 10.11 El Capitan, the next update to Apple’s OS X.



In order to make things easier to find, Spotlight has been improved to respond better to searches made using more natural language. Meaning, you can now search the Spotlight for files by asking what you were working on last week, or even a year ago. Spotlight now also includes the weather, so you can just do a simple search if you want to find out the weather forecast.

New trackpad motions


Apple has included in El Capitan some swipe gestures that have become second nature to iPhone and iPad users. The “swipe to keep” gesture lets you swipe two fingers across the MacBook’s trackpad to keep an email. While the next swipe gesture lets you swipe the same two fingers across the trackpad to delete an email.


Mail in El Capitan also has new features including the ability to have multiple tabs open when composing emails, or drag and drop pictures from other messages and into your current message. Apple has also added new gesture support to Mail, making deleting and archiving an email can be done easily with a swipe on the trackpad.


Multitasking has now gone easier with Mission Control. With a few swipe gestures, you can now bring up different tabs as needed so that you can make the most of your mono-screened workspace. For example, if you’re currently responding to an email, but then you received another and would like to check on the new email, El Capitan will hide the email reply that you’re working on while you read the new email. If you would like to attach something from another email into the reply email, it’s a simple drag-and-drop. You can also compose a new email from within a tab.



Since users have a lot of different sites that they visit on a regular basis, El Capitan’s version of Safari lets you pin your favorites on the left side of the tabs bar, making them easily accessible anytime. Clicking a link that is pinned will open it on a new tab, so you never need to navigate away from most visited sites like Facebook or YouTube.

Sometimes, if you have many sites opened at the same time, you may find it hard which tab is giving out an audio sound. Now, Safari will let you know which tab is making noise, so you can easily find it and turn the sound down (or off) in case you don’t like it.

Aside from those mentioned, there are also some minor improvements made in El Capitan, such as making the mouse cursor bigger upon wake up so that it’s easier to find. But the most awesome thing about the El Capitan is that it will be available as a free update later this fall.

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